Stock Market Plunge

Today The Star Headlines – US inflation and the threat of further interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve sparked another round of sell-offs in stock markets across the region Thursday. Analysts blamed rising consumer prices in the United States, which had risen at a faster rate than expected in April, as the latest factors undermining investor confidence. For more information, Go Out and Buy your own Newspapers! It cost RM1.20 per papers and stop telling me how much you can save from this anymore!
Hmmm, today headlines wasn’t that good, but it just happen to be Jarod’s birthday! Yah,he was born somewer in KL ( I guess) 27 years ago, when the kyronite mania hit our shore, and produce some gas called Beng gas! He is  product of Jinjaville as well, the home grown Ah Beng with ISO 9001( dun play play)!Very soon Jinjaville will archieve another feat of ISO9003 with all the enhanced quality of Ah Beng nowadays, thank alot for their father is ah beng oso, their grandfather is ah beng as well, and I think their grand grand dad oso an AH BENG! THIS WAT YOU CALLED NATIONAL HERITAGE!! oppss, abit out of topic, Jarod got nothing to do with all these ah beng, cos the family is so clever by moving out of Jinjaville, so when you breathe lesser Beng air, you will get to be normal again! wuahahaha ……….
Enjoy ur birthday today! Hope you get to blow a few candles or get a blow by someone! wuahahaha …….
And hopefully the headlines on my birthday in 2 weeks times is opposite of today! hehe …….
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2 Responses to Stock Market Plunge

  1. U says:

    It just happen to be yesterday news man, US was always late 1 day. Just wait and see the tomorrow news. Ah Beng can become Dragon and Ah Lian become Phoenix. 

  2. zin says:

    Hello, today newspapers dated 19th May rite ? and i know that today news will be in tomorrow newspapers but do you know that tomorrow newspaper will be dated 20th May ? hehe … Check out the description of  La Salleville Pictures …

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