Bet to Basic

With the casts in this show, really have some sort of high anticipation! But in the end I can’t really differentiate this story line with Kung Fu Mahjong also! The story line is too casual, very predictable! Really a big let down and wasting my 1 and half hour watching it also! The only good thing about this movie is the remake of the song by Sam Hui but I guess Hong Kong movie ain’t heading anywer for a very long long time! Only suitable for Ah Beng together with their Lian’s cos they just LOVE lame jokes! (Yah, in case you wonder, I really HATE BENG’s and LIAN’s, Hehe ….) At last,  I’ll give 1 out of 10 for this movie!( Maybe they should do a porno on mahjong instead!)
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One Response to Bet to Basic

  1. Jarod says:

    I never had interest to HK movies since Loretta LEE retired. Hahahaha !!!

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