Utility firms suffer RM74m losses

JOHOR BARU: As prices for metal soar, utility companies have been hit hard with thieves stealing the material worth over RM74mil in the past four years. 

At the top of the list of those affected is TM Bhd, with losses amounting to RM10.6mil last year, followed by Indah Water Konsortium (RM6.3mil) and Tenaga Nasional Bhd (RM5mil). 

A TM source said thieves did not just steal copper cables. 

“They have even carted away entire metal telephone poles,” the source said, adding that TM would have lost between RM30mil and RM40mil in the last four years. 

The source said most thefts took place in remote areas, including in jungles and estates. 


Hmmm, quite a bad new on my Birthday also! But not as severe news on Jar’s BD anyway!At least tis bad news only affect utility firms, Jar’s one is share market plunge man, everybody affected! Haha! Just Kidding! What I got for my birthday tis year ? Nothing special, just got a Hugo Boss wallet, costs about RM500++, I presume! Too lazy to snap it with  my phone, cos I will have to connect the phone to my laptop, will have to save it to my HDD, and then upload here … bla bla blah .. te list goes one … but just 1 thing, I’M TOO LAZY LOH! Yah, getting older and older and lazier and lazier too! Duno why, just feel so lazy even with the exam around the corner, i guess i just had enuf exam, has been doin 16 papers (including failed papers of course) after my degrees man! dead tired …… exam is easy, but getting ride of the laziness is hard!  Hopefully I can pass at least 1 papers this time! Good Luck to me!


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One Response to Utility firms suffer RM74m losses

  1. Jarod says:

    Man , Hugo Boss somemore !! I just had the paliah crocodile wallet from pasar malam.

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