World Cup 2006/Emirates Stadium

The World Cup 2006 edition is about to end this Sunday. Anyhow, dun really get to enjoy all the matches as I’m a working adult now, compared to earlier world cup when I’m just a student! In that sense, we we look backward to the World Cup that we had, it seem like we are growing with it! When France won it in 1998, which is just 2 WC aways, sound close but it is actually antonishing 8 years ago, and I’m still in Form 6 at that time! How time has been passby …… so many has happened in this 8 years, and France is back to Final again! Hopefully they will lift the cup again, b’cos Henry is in France team, it will do good to Arsenal next Season! Hehe … So far I still managed to created some fun from the world cup by betting! Although not betting in high sum, I just wana enjoy the feeling of winning or losing money! Hopefully I will end up winning money in this World Cup cos life wasn’t that smooth lately! Must step on some sorts of bad luck shit lately …. hopefully it will end soon!
So after the world cup, we can turn our attention to the English Premier League team. Of course Arsenal is the most talked team for this season with Our Brand New Stadium! A new House for Us! Emirates Stadium!!!! Allrite, the name wasn’t that nice, but the stadium is! Everything is ready by now! Just going to start taking Crowd this July 24 when my beloved Bergkamp will be playing his last game in Arsenal Shirt! Yah, we got a new shirt a well! Hopefully I will be able to get one later, cos we will wear tis shirt for 2 seasons tis time (thanks god!)!
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