My First Bootie!

My newly brought bootie at a bargain! Look so good, but not actually a good debut in the end last saturday! End up quarelling with one idiot who tot himself as a coach on the field! Dun care much bout him, just mind his own business lar! In case he is wondering why he dun have much frens…….. all down to himself lar!He think people like him so much, everyone inside their minds oso laughing at his naiveness lar! Oiiii, play in Metro Prima only lar, he think Merdeka Stadium ar! Forget about this stupid idiot! Anyhow, damn happy to have my first ever brought by myself damn nicey booty! Even though end up injured …. nowadays really go to war playing football, my legs just keep getting hit by some idiots!
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One Response to My First Bootie!

  1. Jarod says:

    Wuah damn nice looking boot you bought ,must cost a dime !! How was it feel? Can take free kick like Beckham or not ? Steel starts somemore sure no one dares to come near you.

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