Where you go – Fort Minor

Where’d you go?
I miss you so,
Seems like it’s been forever,
That you’ve been gone.

So, I want you to know it’s a little fucked up,
That I’m stuck here waitin’, at times debatin’,
Tellin’ you that I’ve had it with you and your career,
Me and the rest of the teams here singing "Where’d you go?"

 A special tribute to the greatest football team from La Salleville Academy, a great team that had graced the 20th century. However, the great teams has seen the departure of the key team members and the current team are nowhere near their ever glory years!

 La Salville’1991 Retired players:

 Fishy "Hard Tackling Nesta Look" Liew

Consider the best cental defender ever produced by this small Jinjang town. Comparable with famous Tony Adams or Laurent Blanc, except there is no Barthez head for him to kiss! A natural leader in defence, strong in the tackle and powerful in the air. Even make himself look like Alessandro Nesta by growing his hair long so that he can wear a hair band during football session. Maybe he tot himself as Nesta too much until he went for retirement at the age at 24. Oiiii, Nesta just lift the World Cup leh, Where you go?

Chicky "Carlos Crosser" Hoong

The best ever right back produce by the La Sallville academy and this short fella is comparable to Roberto Carlos! His pace, distribution and overlapping ability gives the team the strength in depth on the right and the right slot remains empty after his retirement at the age of 26. Has even move out so he can have the girl by himself. Foreseen him to stay in the small island, just by himself and the chick all alone, fucking days and nites! Hoi, chicky, Jinjang still your home sweet home, where you go, COME BACK LAR!!!!

Puki "Denilson Dribble Selfish Master" Ming

One of the self confess dribble master, is full of his own self confidence to  dribble around the field. The best dribble in the team, his close control and dribbling ability enuff to earn him the cocky attitude. But his pace and the accuracy for the bottle is really a no doubts! His passion for the game is still there, but has gone to retirement for his own mega-bucks business at the age of 26! Do make some occasion itchy legs come back but lately has turn 100% all his passion to the chick only! After all the hard work and effort u put to your dribbling, u wana go into retirement now ? Where you go ???

Hainan "Crazy strikes and smash Robbie Fowler" Boon

One of the craziet player in the team, mainly due to the hainanese blood flowing inside his body! At over 6", he can towers over many defenders and poses an obvious aerial threat, but is equally impressive with the ball at his feet and has the ability to bring team-mates into the game. Slow but shooting accuracy is really no doubts! Has been a leader in the team with his sacrasm yet funny critics. Opted to be more famous guys by following Robbie Fowler footstep but should has been a great John Terry has he chosen to be defender!Has gone to retirement due to his commitment to fuck arounds! Guess the dick is unstoppable or else it would blow up! No need to ask where he go, cos we all know!

Bad Mouth "Sole Left Footer Cole Alike" Choo

The sole left footer in the team, so sort of a precious jewel. Has been playing a Andy Cole role, and doing it well too with his strking partner Hainanese Boon. The words of encouragement are the only thing feel missing from the field nowadays. Has gone to retirement at the age of 25 due to commitment for chicks again! Yah, the whole retired players got damn itchy dicks one! Tired to ask where you go anymore …

I miss you so,
Seems like it’s been forever,
That you’ve been gone.
Where’d you go?
I miss you so,
Seems like it’s been forever,
That you’ve been gone,
Please come back home(fields)…

Please come back home(fields)…
Please come back home(fields)…
Please come back home(fields)…

Even though all of them has been gone for their own good reason, the current teams are still missing them so much cos it wasn’t the same without all of them. A special tribute to remember the long gone players…………….


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2 Responses to Where you go – Fort Minor

  1. U says:

     Fishy "Hard Tackling Nesta Look" Liew is currently undergoing a long term physical meditation .

  2. zin says:

    Which is something wrong with the dicks ….. and doctor said will need at least 20 years to recuperate! See you on the field when u reach 50 years old, okay ?

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