My Downloading Machine

Not really newly brought, it has been 3 weeks already by now! But, due to the hell works i’ve been going on this past weeks, really got no time to even take a snap shot of it. Motherfucka job! Damn fucking bosses and client! Enuff on it, dun wan to look back at it anymore! Just kiss my ass the baldy assholes!
Okay, okay … back to my newly brought PC. Now should go into more details leh! Just brought it from C-Zone in Low Yat, hmmm …why CZone and not Sri Comp or PCZone ha ? Errrr ….. b’cos saw my fren (voon) brought from Sri Com, damn lanjau when get the faulty thingy to be fixed by them! And PCZone leh, the thingy they sell always cheaper RM10 or RM5 than CZone or Sri Com one. My mom taught me one, cheaper thing not good one! So rather risk another RM10 than risk the whole comp leh! Haha … Hey PCZone, ur low prices strategy din’t work leh, maybe it is time to consider giving a free Sonic Gear 301 Tattoo to urs customers next time! HAHA!
About the specification ……….. AMD Sempron 3000 AM2, Why choose AM2 and not the normal 64bit one ?Cos the socket for 64bit is only 754 and 939 … AM2 socket is 940 …. better isit ? Holy shit, I really Don’t know! Common, even if I ask IT Pro like Jarod oso don’t know why lar, dun say me lar! I’m in biz field, but like to busy body IT field abit, ABIT only, okay ? The motherboad is ASUS M2NPV-VM DDR2 …. damn powerful leh! Why ha ? Cos ASUS BRANDNAME LAR! JIBET! All build in, network card, graphic card, apa lanjau semua dalam satu! WALAU! Cos me RM370 okay, if no good, really ask ASUS to close shop oledi!  And 512MB DDR2 RAM, for last time maybe very big lar, but now I dun feel the differences! It still damn fucking slow one! Especially when my lovely Emule is running at 100kpbs the time, like no need to use the pc at all for anything. For the hard disk, I go for Samsung 80GB lar ….. why Samsung ??? B’cos it is cheap loh! Yah, i’m a cheapskate, but no money the time, ask from ur mother can ar ? Hehe ….. Now I got 3 80GB inside, come up to about 230GB leh …. but all almost full by now, due to my non stop downloading of whatever shits I can download! Buy another one ?? Damn it, the casing got only 4 power supply !!!!! Motherfucka, really forget about the power supply man! The board can support up to 4 Sata Drive and 2 normal IDE HDD … but with only 4 power supply, really DAMN IT ! Should have spent another RM100 for a better casing! Saw a Acer Casing last weekend in Carrefour, damn it, even got all sorts of card reader in front of the CPU! Damn Canggih! Walau yeh, si bea sui leh! Regret! Regret!
Anyway, quite happy with this machine also! Cos now I can come back from work and just dump my laptop bag beside the dustbin. I don’t have to on the laptop anymore now! It is not a requirement now! Hahaha …….
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2 Responses to My Downloading Machine

  1. U says:

    Why got one speaker only ? Not two speaker with a woofer ar ? Can blast or not ooooh with one , like handicapped only la.

  2. zin says:

    FYI, the one is call Satelite okay ? And when they call it satelite, do that mean it was suppose to mean to be put together ha ? Then why don\’t u ask Sonic Gear to just build the woofer together with the satelite attached ?? And I haven\’t fully blast it yet, when I do, u can hear me from Batu Caves oso, okay ?

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