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Where your home electricity coming from ?

Do you know where the heck is the electricity at your home come from ? huh, got ya! hehe …. It is coming from some power plant near KLIA man! Do you know how it look like ? This is … Continue reading

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Federal Hotel Revolving Bintang

Been there for my 5th anniversary! So fast time goes by ……. really nice ambience, food okay, but quite expensive! Guess they incorporated the oil in running the floor into the food as well .. hehe! Taken quite a number … Continue reading

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Thai Food in Sungai Buloh

Went to some kampung area in Sungai Buloh, not very far, about 5 min drive from the NKVE Sungai Buloh Toll Plaza I guess! It was to celebrated my mom birthday!Food sort of okay only, and wondering why both my brothers are … Continue reading

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Step my foot to the land of hornbill

At last, I step my foot on the land of hornbill early of the month of October for work! And I’ll best remember it as the worst ever job I ever did, in term of working hours! God damn it, I … Continue reading

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