The First

At last, the 10 Dying Breed of La Sallian Bachelors come to an end. And it was really a whole damn fucking tiring days after all. Have to wake up at 6.30am in the morning just to rush the groom out of his house before 7am, only to learn that the time should be between 7-8am! God damn it! All that b’cos we have to go far far away in Port DICKson to pick up the bride. Anyhow, really God damn lucky I’m not the driver cos I’m damn fucking sleepy the whole morning! And as if the early wake up and taking a long journey wasn’t bad enuff, we have Beer as a door gifts from the sisters! What a FUCK! Muthafucka! So got to treat the road a whole 2 Can of TigerBeer, Haha … Anyhow, nothing special needed to open the door, guess the sisters got pissed off by the Nasty&Rude Guys hailed from Jinjang! Haha …. Whole day nothing got me piss off until some idiot pretending to be genius making some remarks and all this b’cos that genius muthafucka idiot driver that don’t even look behind  to see whether ppl are following their car or not! Just keep your mouth shut and stop blamming ppl for being stupid to take the wrong turn! The lunch is good, got some sort of house dishes, Bentong soup sthing ….. and the Ang pow consider okay oso, hehe …..
Heavy rain before we even got to our cars to start our journey to GOD damn fucking far wedding dinner! And the rain just don’t wan to stop at all. End up driving on 60km/h from Jinjang to Bukit Jalil! Why on earth would people wana held their dinner god damn fucking far when there is so many fucking restaurant nearby ? Question ? Question ?
It is a First, overall a nice and quiet buddy days ….. A First in around 2 or 3 years (or more, cant remember) that 10 of us are finally getting together, (The Ipoh Chicken and Aussie M’sia Flavour Sotong Is back AGAIN!) But don’t really got lots of photo to share cos I’m not the photographers. Just too tired to get my phone camera working as well.
And BACK to work again now  … back to Seremban again … so damn fucking sien …. and just wondering where is my weekend goes ?
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One Response to The First

  1. U says:

    You sounded super pissoff with the trip to P.Dickson. Chill brother, once in a lifetime only no next time already. Make sure your wedding next time have plan everything nicely without leaving the follower cars behind 😛

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