Deep Regret

I feel life is just so difficult. Sometimes, u just did something so wrong and when you look back at it, the only think you can do now is regret over what you’ve done. I understand nothing can be done to remedy the harm done, but I really wish I’m allowed to do so now. Although it is abit late to realised how idiot or stupid I’m throughout these few years, I really feel regret now! All I ask now is just for a chance to proved myself again. I know there might not be a 2nd chance for me at all, but no matter what I won’t die peacefully without trying. I really wish and pray hard that I’m going to get the 2nd chance cos I really want to proved to you I understand 100% the mistakes I’ve done and I really regret over what I’ve done and want to remedy it now! If the 2nd chance really don’t come to me, I will regret this my whole life. This is the stupidiest thing I ever did. And pls god, if you knew that the 2nd chance won’t be coming, please take back this soul you sent to earth to suffer. I really don’t want to live anymore ……..Cos I really love you Chloe … I don’t why, but I really do ….. I can’t imagine life without you, that why I don’t want to live anymore ……..hope you understand ………
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