Tg Batu Bintulu

I’m feeling better now. Just came back from Bintulu town best beach ? Went over there with another colleague, my junior boycott us, maybe b’cos he is not feeling right going back estate again tomorrow. We just left the client place at 5pm although our work is not completed. It’s Sunday anyway, and we shouldn’t burden ourselves so much with works! It’s so windy at the beach and the waves is just  really great. Long time never see the seas and it is good to sit at the rock on the seas for a nice 30 minutes by myself. Got to be alone cos my colleague busying collecting the beaches sand for his aquarium. I knew the god is also helping me to get over all this, I were given alot of chances to relax myself. Thanks, I do make me feel better. But I just tot hope bad I’m in a relationship. I’ve been in 2 relationship and accumulated about more than 8 years and I’ve never been to seaside with any of them. Fucked, what a bad partner I’m. Really feel so bad bout it. I knew it is useless to regret what I’ve done in the past but I just had a deep regret over what I did. If only I’m given a another chances, I want to proved not to you only, but I want to proved to my own self that I really learned now how to love you. And it is you only that I will want to proved that to …….. I miss you now!
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