18 June 2007

I guess I’ve finally woke up. Mebe by goin in to the estate for the 2nd time really do help me recovering from all that happened to me tis whole last month. Not only I’ve recovered from the soberness of losing you. I actually opened the closed inner eyes in my heart. I think there are alots problem in the way I handle thing and also seeing things. I really got blinded by my own shitty attitudes and I just realised there is so many mistakes I’ve done over these years. Not only to you, but to all the other people around me as well.  And I’m very determined to change myself now. Just to be a better person so that I can live happily in my futures. Although I realised now you will not be part of my futures. I knew I’m going to miss you very much. I’m just going to miss you my whole life. Cos I really like you, maybe you don’t know. And frankly speaking, I just realised I really love you. I’m very happy that I really love you, but I also do understand now that love alone wasn’t enough for 2 person to be together and I really know how to respect your decision now. I knew I’m not happy with this but as long as it can make you happier, I’ ll try to be happy with you as well. You have all my blessing for your futures …. I don’t think I want to disturb your life anymore, cos I really do miss you every single second nowadays and I scare I might hurt you with any of my unintention … Just hope you will take good care of yourself. Love you!
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