Home Sweet Home

It’s just nice to be back to be home again. At least I can feel abit of the home warmth now. I’m getting better, I knew that. Although my mood swing, and there is just a point of the time in each day that I will got that sad feeling thinking of you again, I think at least I’m doing better now. 
The only think I can’t do now is sleeping. B’cos after I slept, I will dreamt of being with you again and then when I woke up and realised you’re not here anymore, I will just feel so sad. I just realised that I’m so hurted now b’cos I’m not losing a girlfriend, cos to me you’re already my wife. It is just so hard to take now. I knew time will cured all this but I just don’t know how long it will take for me to be fully recovered again. All I know is that you will always be in my heart. Take care ….
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