Ipoh Taugeh Chicken and White Coffee

Just got back from Ipoh, on time for my nephew 1st year old celebration party at home! Went there with voon yesterday to met up with kai lou! Got the chance to taste the tasty taugeh chicken again. I really like the taugeh with chicken! When reach there around 7pm, cos drop by at Bidor to grab some chicken little biscuit. And some Kai Si Gou oso! We had taugeh chicken, chicken legs with hou fun for dinner. The hou fun really nice, cost around RM1.20 per bowl only. The chicken tasted normal. But the downside is the waiting time. We waited for more than 30 minutes for the foods. Quality food but poor management :p After that, managed to tried something new after the karoeke session in the midnite, it is called egg tea. Or Tea egg? Whatever! Cos for me it is just some sugar taste water with a egg in it. Got cheated! Haha .. In the morning, managed to grab the famous old town white coffee. We had yong tou foo, dim sum and siu yok for breakfast. What a yummy and delicious breakfast! Thanks kai lou for the day. Really enjoy the day there. Next stop, Batu Kawan Seafood!
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