Seremban Siew Pau

I was in Seremban again before my leave again. This is the 4th times I’ve been going to this client, realli damn Boring! The thing that I like bout Seremban, I guess probably is the hot from oven Siew Pau. Yummy!!!

The shop is just situated just right in front of the road to Kg Rasah, this is the best place for the best siew pau!

Costing RM1.10/Siew Pau, I brought 16 on the first week I’m there and 18 on the 2nd. I’m just loving it!  It taste just great when I had it there, and though the taste did run abit after u re-hit it tomo but it still taste great compared to other siew pau around KL . Really Yummy!!!! Thumb UP!  UP! UP!

Direction :- If you are coming from Klang Valley, exit the toll to PD. Head to Seremban town after the exit instead of PD. The shop shld be just less than 5km away on your right. Becareful with the flyover as you can bypass the shop from top as can seen from the 1st picture. You can make a u-turn a the traffic light beside the Seremban Hospital in case you accidentally took the flyover. Cheerz!


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