DVD Decrypter

Jolly Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone! So how is everyone year end going on so far ? For me, I’m enjoying and just got a christmas phone. Haha! Okay, time to share another software. Did some of you out there that just brought a DVD burner and thought you can do alot with only to found out later actually you can’t burn alot of the stuff that you want.  For example, I’ve been scratching my head on how to burn the PS2 games format until now. Sweat no more at this tool can help you to copy exactly whatever fucking format it is and burn it exactly the fucking format that you want. Yes, I will share with you guys here. Just try to download it from here> http://files.filefront.com/SetupDVDDecrypter+3540exe/;9345649;/fileinfo.html
Let welcome 2008 in celebration mood now!
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