Hack Lotus Note Database

  1. Download, install and launch a copy of frhed.
  2. From frhed’s file menu open the database copy you made.
  3. Find the range of bits between offset 0x16c and 0x1a7, as highlighted below. This is the ACL.
  4. Set any that aren’t 00 to be 00. Two cases in the example below.
  5. Save changes to the file from frhed’s file menu.

Switch back to your Notes client and try and launch the copy you had no access to. All being well, you will get in. Notice the ACL is completely blank!

1. Make a local copy of the database as *.NTF (working sample);

2. Take a look at the ACL to ensure you have proper rights (Manager or Designer);

3. Open the file in a hexadecimal editor;

4. Go to hexadecimal address 000000BC and change the value from 20 to 00.

5. Save the file;

You probably don’t have access to its design yet. Now the second part:

1. create a new DB with a BLANK template;

2. Replace the new DB design with our modified template;

3. Now you’ll be able to access its design.

Good Luck!

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3 Responses to Hack Lotus Note Database

  1. jithin says:

    HI Friend ,

    I have tried all the way you mentioned to recover a file from lotus 8.5.0 and it not seems to be working.. can you please explain any other way to remove the acl

  2. Saravanan says:

    Hi ,

    I Could not open Whcih DB is more than 2 GB.. Please help me

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