Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant

If you are feeling boring with your daily routine job now and always dream on to be rich one(which you always wonder will it ever come?), this is the book you can read. Alot of people will thoguht this is a book in teaching you how to manage your cash flow. No, it is not! It is more about 4 different types of thinking people which is refer to cashflow quandrant here. It not a book to teach you how to be rich, no book can do that. For example if book like "How to be Smart Investor" can teach you how to be rich, then why we look for job? Everyone just buy the book and be RICH! So, if you really pissed with how your career path is heading so far, this should be a great book for you. It help to motivate you. But just bear in minds, the author not a GOD, his main intention is not helping you to be RICH, but instead to make himself RICH! So don’t take the fact 100%. Use abit of your brain to do the thinking. Rich man wasn’t made b’cos he follow exactly what other people do and tell him to do!
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