Start Living by stopping the WORRIES …

Okay, I guess life wasn’t about $$$ after all. After reading the Rich Dad Cashflow Quadrant, I suppose maybe I should head more on money-making book. Instead I have choosen this book about how to stop worrying and start living. I believe this is a great book. Though alot of the facts is not new to you and me, but it is just something that we normally don’t do even though we knew we should just act the other way. You should read this book if you have alot of worries in your life right now, financial worries, love worries, work worries. It help to remind yourself how you should act, and remember, it is not something new to you, but just that we always never act in such a way that can keep the worries away. START YOUR LIVING NOW!
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2 Responses to Start Living by stopping the WORRIES …

  1. Yew says:

    Seems like you had done quite alot of reading lately buddy, is it bcoz of occupying your time during your nite shift ar… hahaha

  2. zin says:

    All b\’cos the work really sucked! I\’m just a idiot looking for good mentor to teach me how to start living my life!

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