A monk who sold his Ferrari


Got this book from my Brother-in-law. But don’t know it is fiction or non-fiction. It is about a successful famous rich lawyer whose health deteriorated due to his commitment to his work and he eventually collapsed during one of his court cases due to heart failure. So, in the end he sold all his assets, which of course included the title of the book, his Ferrari and his big bungalow, yatch and other expensive asset. And off he went to India to find the myth sages who apparently can cured his sickness. And he did found them, so that I really made me unsure whether this is a true story or what. He then learn how to be in inner peace and return home few month later to shared the experience with others. So overall, the book talk about the power of our minds, how keep thinking positively benefit us and also how to set your goal, not only material goal, but also goals like for inner health or hapiness! When you aim your mind to your goal only, and only to it, you will eventually achieved it!

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  1. Yew says:

    What about this book?

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