After a brief few month in the island, will be heading back home soon. Relatively a short stay here, but I’m very happy to leave the job.
Maybe thing I will miss here:-
1) Better public transport? Compared to driving on my own back at home whereby I don’t have to wait?
2) MOS Burger and Tori-q? I still prefer Carl Jr’s back home! Or a nice roti canai taken with curry mutton or mee goreng ayam add a telur mata lembu. Yummy!
3) Higher rates SGD? Nah, it’s going down very soon.
Nah, I will forgot those stuff after a month or two. Nothing else can be comparable to my best recreation park back at home, the one and only, Low Yat Plaza! 🙂 But the only thing suck back at home is STREAMYX.
Now just have to get a new job within this 2 month, or else I will contribute to unemployment rate as well.
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2 Responses to Homecoming

  1. huimin says:

    T___________T . Ur pity sister still here~~!!

  2. Yew says:

    Welcome home , my friend.

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