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Bedroom Feng Shui II

Further Tips for Things to Avoid   Remove or cover any mirrors in the bedroom during sleep.A bedroom mirror that reflects the bed creates the most serious problems. A single person is less apt to attract a romantic partner — … Continue reading

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Success Is Never Ending, Failure Is Never Final

I just finished reading this book last week. Wow, this book is really for Christian only. Wonder how I am able to complete it. I’m not very religion type of person but I do get nausea abit if people keep telling … Continue reading

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3rd Anniversary & Secret to the Millionaire Minds

Just realised yesterday that it is my blog 3rd anniversary today. Nothing much has changed since then.   Am reading this book currently. One of the Rule# I Create My Own Life, meaning what you are now is all b’cos … Continue reading

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Blue October – Approaching Normal

They’re back again. It has been a long wait to their last successful album-Foiled. Gone through once the whole album and just couldn’t find any follow up to their refereshing rock tune HATE ME previously. But Justin Furstenfeld voice is just … Continue reading

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Lucky Feng Shui Directions Chart

  YOUR BEST FENG SHUI DIRECTIONS KUA NUMBER For Money and Success To Improve Health To Attract Love For Personal Growth 1 Southeast East South North 2 Northeast West Northwest Southwest 3 South North Southeast East 4 North South East … Continue reading

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How to enjoy looking for a job

Read this somewhere, on how to enjoy the hard and tough process of looking for a job especially if you have been jobless for a while.   If you arebeen spending hours working on your resume and sending countless of it out every day, always on job … Continue reading

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Fireman BBQ

I guess my family or myself just love steamboat so much. After all, being Malaysian Chinese, I doubt anyone don’t like steamboat.   We went to the latest BBQ Steamboat in town, Fireman BBQ at The Curve to celebrate Sister Birthday? Or Mother … Continue reading

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