Here I come, Karaganda

At last, the decision has been made, and just a fair bit of stuff to be finalised now, and if there isn’t any problem from that fair bit, I should be heading to Karaganda end of next month. Quite a hard decision to made, leaving everything behind at home and just after a bad experience in Singapore. Hopefully, (finger-crossed) I’m not going to made a wrong decision again. I just need to start learning Russian now, anyone can teach me Russian for free?
For those who don’t know where the fuck is Karaganda, here is the map to show you? Yes, it is in fucking nowhere.
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4 Responses to Here I come, Karaganda

  1. Yew says:

    So near to Russia, you can get alot of Russian Dvd leh.

  2. huimin says:

    finally… I\’ll visit u for sure~!!

  3. zin says:

    There is no direct flight to go there, I will transit at Abu Dhabi, Dubai, which took 7 and half hour from KLIA. Then from Dubai to Astana will be another 7 and half hour also. In total, plus transit time equal 24 hours. Alternatively, Bangkok can fly direct to Almaty for 7 hours 30 min also, but Almaty to Karaganda will take another 2 hours 30 min. Thought of the time spent on the plane and airport oso make me sick!

  4. zin says:

    Russian famous for DVD? Not vodka and russian roulette ? Hehe ….

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