Arriving in Temirtau-23 July 2009

So, after a tiring journey, I reach Temirtau (which going to be my home for my stay here) around 8pm. The sun still shinning outside at 8pm, which I fell quite abit unusual and the sun only set at 9.40pm. I can’t tell the time from seeing the sky anymore as I always do back at home.
They have a guard house, but guard will be be around from 8pm to the next day morning.
My apartment, the so called GREEN HOUSE. Look bad from outside? But inside, the interior is quite good.
The front door to the apartment. Will shown next time how to the lock look like.
The view from my room. The local house opposite, which you don’t see any grand bungalow like we have back at home.
Some apartment opposite mine.
Nearest store is just down the road at the corner, so food supply wise should be no problem at all.
There are more stores down the road, about 10 minutes walk. The only problem is that non of them speak english, so I just have to shown my hand and head like a mute guys!
More update on my apartment & room next time!
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