Cost of Living in Kazakhstan

So, today mark the 2nd week I am in this big country. So far, adapting is quite easy in term of food as food wise is okay and the living condition is good. The only problem is the language. Work also quite hectic and pressure, so really don’t know how long I’m going to stay here.
In term of cost of living in kazakhstan, this is some of the cost of food over here.
a) Raw chicken – KZT500-750
b) Hot dog bun – KZT35-50
c) 10 eggs – KZT160-190
d) Instant Pizza – RM480-600
e) Scandal – KZT350-500
f) 2 Litre Fruit Juices – KZT240-400
g) Bread – KZT30-70
h) Sandwich – KZT 125
g) Mineral water with flavour – KZT 75
h) Shampoo 400ml – KZT370
i) 1 Packet of instant noodle – KZT30-40
j) Cooked bean in tomato sauce – KZT183
k) Heinz Tomato Ketchup 300ml – KZT286
i) 5 litre mineral water – KZT 160 
j) Haircut – KZT500
k) 10 hot dog – KZT 189
l) Chocolate milk 1 litre – KZT 190
m) Bus fares (between temirtau town) – KZT 35
Note: RM1 = KZT43
Some of the useful website that can show abit of the cost of thing over in Kazakhstan.
Hope this help b’cos I couldn’t find any other reference of the cost of living in English other than those mentioned above before I came over. Roughly you will need at least KZT 15,00 to survive 1 month. To be safe, KZT 25,000 should be more than enough if case you need to buy other thing ie.cloth or kitchenware.
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