Aon Bazaar – Temirtau Largest Supermarket

Oh, I found something in chinese. Yeah! I’m sick of russian/kazakh only everywer.
There have instant noodles as well.
Alot varieties of ice-cream over here also. But din get any so far.
I got some easy to cook vege+mushroom and ready to eat sardines & mackerel.
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4 Responses to Aon Bazaar – Temirtau Largest Supermarket

  1. U-HeE says:

    Even the Instant Noodle also repack with their language?

  2. zin says:

    samilanjau oso in russian, die or not!

  3. U-HeE says:

    Then you got no choice, you had to find a local chicks there to polish your russian.

  4. zin says:

    I don\’t think it\’s repack, those should be manufactured by Russian Co.

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