How to Dismantle Maxtor Basic 1TB External HDD

Cheap thing really doesn’t come good. I mean my newly brought Maxtor External Hard disk. Cost me RM329 and took less than 2 months for the casing to be history.
I choose to dismantle the hard disk because I don’t want to try the warranty. If any of you need advice to dismantle this stupid casing, here it is.
1. First of all, the main screw is hidden behind the sticker, the one beside the power and USB plug. Remove that and your warranty will be void.
2. Both side of casing, one side with matt finish and another with gloss finish and Maxtor word on it.
3. Try to remove the side with the gloss finish, it have 10 tabs (5 tops, 5 bottom) holding it to the rest of the enclosure by popping one by one using a flat screwdriver.
4. The next part will be very difficult if you intend to use the casing. For me, since it was a gone case, it is quite easy for me. The top and bottom part of the casing is clipped with hooked plastic tabes. Just try at one end, using the screwdriver to try popping it up.
5. Lastly, just a few more screw and you can see the hard disk after that.
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One Response to How to Dismantle Maxtor Basic 1TB External HDD

  1. Lakshan says:

    Thank you very much mate !! u r one in a million !! thnx again..

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