Misleading Ad

I have been on the lookout for the best broadband packages in the market ever since, and so far I am in the midst of giving up. Just take a look at P1 latest promotion, it look very tempting but when you look into the details, wtf, I mean how can they be allowed to advertised as 50% off, but it is just only for 2 months? It is not misleading?? And RM129 for just 15GB quota? OMG, I am also getting this quota in 10 days  from my existing crappy Streamyx@R66. And YES entrant into the market really laughable. Cheapest in the market, but RM30 for 1GB? OMG, what you want to do with 1GB? Sell to my aging parent that doesn’t know how to use Computer? Does all this operator know what we want? Answer = Faster Speed + High Data Usage at cheaper price. Singapore can offer that, why not Malaysia? The only one that is close to meet the demand is TIME, offering cheap (2MB at RM100++) and fast, but only in Mont Kiara area, with their forever and ever “new location coming soon” tag. Probably TIME had done their own homework and MONT KIARA market alone is worth billions of ringgit. Okay, fine then, just concentrated in MONT KIARA, leave the other to P1 and YES.

See it for yourself.

See, 50% discount so big, but see the small words down of it.

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