It will be April tomorrow

You don’t really knew it is April Fools’ Day when you are working compared to when you are still studying. I remember we used to do a lot of silly thing or words during April Fool. But it is April again tomorrow. So fast the day goes by nowadays, or it is happening when you grown up? I remember I always thinking when I will grow up when I am still a kid, because the freedom enjoy by adults/grown up is limitless.

Life still going on the same, always chasing the golds pot hidden somewhere in this world that belong to me. But work still sucked, probably because I am incompetence in work or there is lack of passion in whatsoever I am doing now. So, there is still no hints where the pot will be.

Do we really live our life day by day or we just compelled to do thing that we don’t like to do everyday just to survive? At least, there is only one thing we can do, pray to the god for the best.  Be the world in peace and no more major disaster happening! 🙂

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