Proporties For Sale: Arena Green, Bukit Jalil

No, I am not selling properties now. Just looking at properties to buy, for own stay or future stay. Saw one of the unit for sale at today, at RM200k for 730 sq feet, just about the right size for small family. The location just nearby the Bukit Jalil Sport Centre and almost 10 years old building. Not the area that I wanted but for me, it is still better than Seri Kembangan or Shah Alam. Based on Iproperty website, monthly instalments will be about RM1.3k+ with 90% MOF. Affordable, but will foreseen lesser outside dining and local travelling.

More details on the property can be obtained from I think is a very good website compared to, because it included problems with the property and analysis of the investment. Good for newbie like me who doesn’t know a thing about property other than the prices keep going up. Is this investment good enough to be consider a “buy low, sell high” investment?

My intuition is telling me to passed this again & keep looking.

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