My View: Time to change my car ?

Is it the time to change my 7 years old Saga now ? Today is the 3rd time it broke down in the past 7 or 8 months. Not so lucky yesterday as the car stalled at the Petronas station with the dead battery. Just changed the battery last year Nov 2010. And services made regulary doesn’t make a difference, since it is a Proton that cost just RM30k.

So, which car am I considering to buy now?

a) Proton Exora (not proton again?)

Budget: This car definitely won’t burn a hole in the pocket, cost just less than RM80k, and can be less than RM1,000 per month instalments depending on years, am thinking of 5-6 years.

Practical: A big car, can cater for family members which I might have to fetch more than 5 ppl in less than 10 times a year? Having a big car also mean my other half can continue to rely on me only to chauffeur around.

Running cost: Petrol price is going up again, so RM3/litres will defitinely be the price in the future. Read that this car FC is in the range of 10km/litre, which is not much difference from my current car fc of 10km/litre, although this car is more heavier.

b) Ford Fiesta – Have to admit, this car is really nice looking.

Budget: Slightly higher and cost RM82k with monthly instalments of RM1k++.

Practical: A small car, and definitely hard to ferry 5 adults.

Running cost: This car claimed to be able to run at 6litre/100km but maintenance/spare costs will be higher compared to Proton.

If only they have this version of fiesta plus keyless entry + paddle shift.

So, most probably will only make a decision hopefully by end of the year.

Not in the shortlised but might changed my mind later.

a) Kia Forte

This car really look nice and full of specs as well at cost just RM80k++.  But I just don’t have confidence on the car reliability (for lasting more than 7-10 years) and when you sell a lower price, it give the impression that the quality is lacking? This is just my own view.

b) Honda Insights

This cost RM98k, and maybe out of my budget, but might be affordable if I don’t have any major investment in the future. But I plan to buy at least a properties, my kid is going to school soon, so I shouldn’t tied myself up with this. Might consider this if I got another job which pay me 20% higher and bonuses.

c) Nissan Grand Livina

I do like this car when I first saw it in 2008 but it is out dated by now though I saw Nissan still managed to sell 3,000 GL in the Q1’2011. And some more my neighbour has one GL, full spec with impul since 2-3 years ago, so doesn’t seem right to buy it after so long also.

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