Unifi – Nothing change with TM

I have been using Unifi 5MB for more than a month now, the first month has been good, managed to get 500kbps download on my emule also, but not consistently on dailies basis. I got this speed less than 5 times I guess. Direct download from site like megaupload is better, getting more than 200kbps until this week. This week, the speed is poor and emule never reach 5okbps also, comparable with Streamyx. I guess when you brought products from same company, you will always get the same results, in this case, poor quality.

Some people hate P2P user like me, saying we ate much of the bandwidth of the provider, made them unable to surf the net. I would like to say FUCK OFF to them too! Hey, different people have different usage, I paid for 5MB unlimited, so I am just utilizing what I brought. It is the fault of the provider that they can’t cope with P2P usage which is why I subscribe to higher bandwith in the first place.  Imagine this is a buffet dinner at , you have food for 100 people, so if I brought this buffet dinner and I ate as much as I can, probably double what an average person can eat, and if the restaurant allow 200 people to come in, so it is my fault to finish the food ? So, I am P2P user, so keep the fucking mouth shut, idiot surfer who just like to do those fucking facebooking or twitt twitt.

Update: Some idiot came to my blog, read this post and give a comment that I am proud to do illegal stuff? Get a life dude, you don’t like what you see, then just move on man!


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One Response to Unifi – Nothing change with TM

  1. Nomad says:

    nice thinking mate..i’m along side with you. people who sign up for unifi and just surf online for fb, twitter, blogging, etc.. should just stick with streamyx as that is more than enough. i actually know some ‘rich dudes’ that have enough money to sign up for 20mbps package but dnt know what is p2p and torrents and often ask how to watch movie online. hahaha! so kudos to people who fully utilize the package for optimum use. let this useless TM do their job. the only reason we choose this TM is because we have no other choice. cheers! 🙂

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