My Movie: Everybody’s Fine

Just watched this movie recently, and I think this show really good for those parent to learn one or two things. Especially for those parent who always expect their children to be a doctor,  lawyer or famous model/actress/singer. The story about the dad of 4 children, the mom just passed away recently, and all the children doesn’t grow up to become what the dad always expected. Communication between children is just with their mom previously, so they hardly talk to dad until the mom/wife passed away. The mom/wife lied to the dad about the children being so that not to worry him, so when he eventually found out about his children, he feel awful about himself. But it is still not too late to re-communicated with his children.

No doubts we always wanted the best for our children but our roles as parent is just to give the guidance, bring them up and teach them the good values along their growing path. Whether they eventually become successful person, it is really up to their hard works and how well your guidance. Definitely not easy for both the parents/children but I seriously believe that both should just enjoy the journey.

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