My Choice – KIA Forte

The KIA Forte 6 speed seem like a good buy and is a nice looking car as well. For more room, you have to prefer KIA Forte rather than Ford Fiesta.

Another red car for me ? No, should get a different color because it seem red a nice spot for birds to throw their waste on it man. Probably a black or silver will avoid that.

This is really nice, made me think of those scooter last time when you just need to press a button to start the engine instead of using the power of your legs 🙂 . I like the keyless entry also, sometime with your hand full with kid’s bag and stuff, you just wish your know which pocket you left the key.

Reverse camera anyone ? I don’t think I really need this actually, who care whether the car one in the same line as the car beside you ? Or you don’t actually look at the parking spot before you park it ? For ladies probably? Of course you will see where the wall or lamp post first. But this gadget is just good to have.

Fuel Consumption seem to be 10litres/100km, but consider this car has a bigger capacity engine and weight at 1,300 tonnes,  it is better than my current proton?

Not a feature I want also, probably for those for always like to park a road side or narrow road. I always park a proper place even it mean more walking to be done.

Nothing to shot on the center console, look decent only.  But 6 CD Changer + 6 speakers sound good especially when stuck in the traffic jam.

Found a complain here about the previous model forte.

At just RM86k, it is not really cheap actually to poor working people like me. But I just might be visiting the showroom soon to have a look 🙂

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