Arsene Wenger Ways is Wrong

Is the Club financially good?For the past few years, though Wenger doesnt win anything, he still get hold on to the job probably b’cos people thought he has done fantastic job in term of the financial for the club. Especially people like Lady Nina and family of the late Danny Fizman. Why? Because all that is done by Wenger only benefit them as the shareholders. The selling shareholders.  Put in the youngsters, keep the wages low and then increased the value of the  club with a new stadium and hopefully the value of the youngster as well. So,  shareholders doesn’t need to put their own money into the club and when the club value appreciated, just sold it off for a handsome profit.

Does Lady Nina look like Arsenal fan to you? Nah, she just loves all the moeny she earned now and probably won’t know anything that is happening with Arsenal from now onwards.

In the end, the club has won nothing for 6 years now while those shareholders earn big bucks by selling off their stakes. No, this is not the way to run a club. It is definitely time for Wenger to leave. 4th place is no acceptable, and please stop comparing this position with those club under  you who you think spent much more than you. So ? You won something with that ? Those reply from him just made him more like a loser.

Some more he add that next year Champion League is not guaranteed, meaning we should have done a bus paraded together with Man Utd this year for getting the last spot for Champion league? Come on, if you are not confidence to even get no.4 next year, just step down and let someone who is capable to get us not only no.4 but fighting for no.1 as well.

You are getting old and probably can’t see properly as well I guess. Let me recommend to you the players you need get rid of. Yes, he is a french man, the guy that you prefer than the best left back Englishman you sold. He is poor in defending, so why is he still playing ? I heard Juventus is interested in him ? Good, just sell it man!

Yes, please sell the captain as well. Arsenal is a selling club anyway, so please don’t force him to stay anymore. He has done nothing for us, and he is not that great enough to win us anything, so might as well let him leave and you will probably read on the papers how frustrated he is in on the bench after 2 months in Barca. But his choice, so probably we are better with his replacement.

He is no Ronaldo or Messi though the earlier expectation on him is the same as them? My verdict is he will probably play another one or two season more before some idiot rich club like Real Madrid or Man City will come in to buy him at hefty sum (30 million pound?). Definitely one of the youngster that going to make profit for Arsenal.

And is he that good? I can’t see how good he is though I have been watching 70% of the matches this year, probably exaggerate much b’cos he is young.

He is the same, just one-off player.  Did he ever scored from long-range? I think his ball shooting is weak. He is a bad boy, so why not consider to sell him either ? That what you did with Ashley Cole and Jermaine Pennant also. B’cos he is french ? Damn it *middlefinger” to you, Wenger!

All this player should just leave on the last day, probably to Championship where I believe they are more better player over there.

Denilson can play at high level? Come on, I can what kind of player he is since day one.

This is a joke, let see how world class he can become in five years time. Probably playing at Danish League by then.

I can only let you know which players you need to get ride off b’cos you will probably be heading to some trash places to find some cheap trash players that nobody want and you thought they will be a world class player just by joining Arsenal.

The new jersey that the team will wear next season, just for one season again.

Not going to buy the Jersey to support until Wenger spent the money on world class players.  Not spending money on players like Koscielny or Squilaci. And No, I am not going to watch them in Malaysia as well, you can bring the reserves here if you like.

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