Inflation is hitting the street (I mean Lorong Ara Kiri 2?)

After the new electricity tariff increased, prices are moving up now, so all of us will start to pay more not only for electricity, but for food as well. Instead of thinking about the people, government just think about saving the ass of the poorly run national company. You see, the cost of the fuel increased by 30% but TNB is making RM630 million for the quarter ended 28 Feb 2011 (refer here for a copy), so instead of telling us the costs increased by 30%, tell us how much it has impacted your bottom line? For a company that is making RM600 million a quarter, cost increased by another 100-200 million is nothing. But for us, RM100-RM200 mean a lot to us because we are not making million a year also. Electricity might increased by 8.8% or more, but what about others that follow?

Noodles at Lucky Garden, Bangsar increased their prices by 20 cents, and the idiot uncle selling the siew pau and egg tarts follow the trend by increasing 10 cent per piece. This uncle really thought his increase is 50% lesser compared to noodles seller but hey, your stuff is smaller, count by percentage over the cost and see who is taking advantage now?

Try the pork noodles here, it is nice. Add the fried cheong, and it will cost you RM7 per bowl.

Managed to find the egg tart seller at last.

I guess this is the only place where inflation will never hit them. Guess we should give more support to Annuar’s Fish Head at Lucky Garden.

Rice with 1 chicken mixed with some fish head curry + lady fingers +  taugeh only cost RM3. Extra piece of sotong and chicken will cost RM4/RM3 more. And the drink is only RM1 per cup. Just in case you want to know, the fish head will cost RM60 per head.

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