KIA Forte SX 2.0

Went to the showroom for the first time to feel the car. Didn’t managed to grab some photo of the car, but managed to try out the features on the Forte 2.0 new version.

Keyless Entry System

Sorry, not the original photo, this one grabbed from somewhere on the net. Very similar, but you just have to push the button and pull the handle to open the door without taking the car key out of your pocket. All the 4 doors will be opened automatically once you did that. And there some guys who said it on the forum, when you are near your car with the key, someone can just drive off the car. No, the key must be inside the car to start the engine, the salesmen tested this for us. Come one, a man on the street can thought of this, you think the PhD or Master degree engineers working at KIA never thought of this ? And you though the key in your pocket, you can only open one door only, whichever door you go and not both.

Not the orignal 2.0 that I saw, but very similar, full leather seats also. The sound proofing for this car is really good, once we started the engine, my fren complained that the engine sound so noisy, but once we closed all the doors, we can’t hear anything from the engine anymore. And for existing proton users like me, you don’t have to bang the car doors anymore,  just a slight power will closed the doors. They have thought it carefully.

Reverse camera is really small, but like I said earlier, not really a necessities to me.

The 1.6 SX 2011 model cost RM85,800. What the offer from this salesmen from this showroom? Interest rate at 2.8% and the salesmen said can ask for slightly lower from the bank, like 2.79%? Haha, my guess is just 2.7 or 2.75% and it doesn’t make much difference either. Can accept trade off of my old proton but couldn’t give me the market price either. And he only give an offer of RM700 for the bodykit, from the normal price of RM1,200. Doesn’t sound a bargain to me. Nothing else that he offered to us, so better visit another showroom that I might get better stuff.

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