The day is here

Officially, ISPs have started to blocked 10 websites from yesterday as per instruction from MCMC. You can get more news on this from lowyatnet. The timing is really bad as I have just signed up with Unifi 2 months ago.  Can someone please tell me what to do with 5Mbps connection now? Surfing and surfing and surfing ???? Great! Probably I just spend all my times reading MCMC history on wikipedia, or it is there yet? Can someone please do a long write up for them since they are so effective man!

Among the sites blocked, and is the main sources of downloads, the others 8 I don’t use it. More will come I guess with RIM commented that one more site should be added on today STAR paper. Guess you will think your sales will improved tremendously by doing this? Wish you best of luck RIM!

I always love my country because the gomen always try to please its people (I guess so). The ‘Tak Kisah’ attitude maybe created many unpleasant things to us, but for me, I feel we lived with more freedom? For examples, we are allowed to cross the roads at any point of the roads, not just at the end junction with the traffic light, I know, of course we bear our own consequences if anything bad happen. If you don’t know how good is this, try to go Singapore, you will feel the difference.

Same to internet, in Singapore, the ISPs did provided details of customer doing illegal activities from the net to the authority few years back when Malaysia just starting the 1Mbps Streamyx. So why now Gomen? This is obviously not what the people want. Anyway, thank for letting me made my decision today on who to vote on the next election.

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