Getting older

Got this from my other-half as my present this year, so meaning I have to spent more money in the future to get a Nintendo Wii U (2012) or another media player. Theater system is out now as the cheapest cost around RM500++.

Another media player ? Must be able to run MKV/AVI/RMVB is a must since my collection is mix of its. There a lot of seller at, in case you are interested, you can refer to here but just try not to buy from them as shops in Plaza Low Yat generally selling at lower prices, unless you like to bargain with them. And for the updated prices list, refer here.

I am still hoping to get the Seagate Theater+ mentioned earlier here but still no stock after checking at Sri Comp shop for the past month and I don’t think they will re-stock it.

And saw this player, seem like a bargain (RM179) and meet all my requirement also.

Just not sure whether this brand is reliable or not.

And I saw this new Seagate GoFlex at IT Hypermarket, IPC recently selling at RM299, and just over my budget. I still to buy another external HDD’s to support it also, so I don’t have RM500 budget for all this. If only the prices drop like the previous batches of media players.

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