Ghost Story

Founded this site recently, Nice to read!

Why ghost stories? I found it quite interesting as I believe my home is also haunted now. Few years back, heard that my neighbor house opposite my house is haunted. A female ghost, will possessed one of the son at night and he is caught doing make-up middle of night. Eeeee, scary ? Then, occasionally saw a group of people will come to the house and do some singing ie. doing taoism or buddhism thingy? Can’t differentiate either. Afterawhile, then heard the old grandma beside that house also being possessed. Hmmmm, then the sifu said the tree in front is haunted, so they cut if off. Can the ghost move from a house to a house ? Hahaha.

My house ? Have kinda feeling that it is haunted, hearing noises middle of the night, those of kind thing. Few years back, when I am still sleeping in my room alone, I am more brave than now. Once, I heard my CPU being bang when I am sleeping, just like half an hour after turn off the light, so as I am more brave last time, I bang the side table where the CPU is, and right after I did that, I heard the CPU being bang again! WTF! So, probably some will think the CPU just made noises because the room is cold at night? Up to you! At least I am still alive after all these years.

If not enough story, read here or here (this one very near to my current office) Scary …..


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