Where were you last Saturday?

Yes, where are you? Are you out there supporting the rally ? Or should we be supporting the rally? Yes, I am supporting Bersih, but I don’t join them in the rally. I follow them throughout from online sites and facebook. I don’t contributed so I shouldn’t be talking so much about them.

But I can still express my own view on this. Everyone seem to claim success from the Saturday event, Government claim success in handling the issue (blocking the road and guarding Stadium merdeka like there is an alien attack, firing at innocent and unarmed citizens),   Perkasa claimed success as well, because they able to marched or Khairy got detained? OMG! Bersih also claimed success though over 1,000 protester got detained and thousand more got harmed by the police?

You see here, our people mentality is different, and  I am not god to judged them but I believe we are just not good enough. The ways Najib handle the issue, the way the police handle this, it is just not the right way. The police can only think of road blocks, tear gas and water cannon to tackles the peaceful rally? Please, think harder, all this doesn’t come at cost ? Taxpayers money please, which maybe can be used to help those poor people, do you know there are still many poor people in the country who is still struggling at their end? I believe strong police presences, with a good back up plan in case thing go head wired will be a much cheaper & smarter plan.

And all the Head of government especially to the head of police, please read about accountability and stewardship please, caused you don’t owned the police dept or anything in the government, you are just helping to managed it and you should have you own KPI in case you don’t performed, you have to be held responsibly. No, we don’t need your head in case you don’t performed, let someone more capable to lead us. That all!

Just to cut it short, the ways Najib leading us, I can said loudly here I  can do it as well. Yes, if he can PM, why I can’t I ? (Not talking about races, but about brain here) Which mean he is no smarter than any of us, probably still smarter than the previous one (that another super exception case, I believe a lot more out there are smarter than him :P) but he is not going to lead us anywhere.

Some of those non-care Malaysian people I knew, were posting such comments on Saturday afternoon.

a: Calling all Man Utd Fan : Players leaving blah blah. (Apparently Man Utd better than his country, so no comment)

b: Is Rose hotter or Megan? (This one really no comment, Transformers is in her blood since day one?)

c: I miss my train overseas, blah blah (shit, you are overseas, so what the heck you want to post this for people in Malaysia to come and help you?)

Don’t be offended by the comment, I knew each of us has our own life, so continue to life your own and enjoy when you are happy! Anyway, lastly, to concluded the rally last Saturday, Let bring on the ELECTION! YEAH!

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