Malaysian Living beyond their means?

It is on the paper today and it is shocking ? No, I don’t think so. Maybe the fact that children think money come from ATM is funny.

Anyway, it is kinda expected that if you are more aware everyday, on the roads what in everyone’s home nowadays. For example, people will always want the best thing in lives. When buy a car, the bottomline should be Toyota or Honda. I have met a ex-colleague of mine earning less than RM2k and driving a Toyota Vios.

You see everyone will buy a house because it is stupid to rent. Installment is getting lower by opting 40years loan, so it seem affordable suddenly ? House will  have minimum 1 laptop, 1 flat TV or the Iphone/Ipad?

It seem necessity to have the IPAD you know? but after careful thought, it is actually a toy for the rich. Look at it at RM1,499, it does look cheap right ? But try saving RM5,000 a year, it seem hard ? Then divided that RM1,500 with RM5,000, that’s 30% of the saving, so why RM1,500 appear to be cheap while RM5,000 seem hard to be saved?

People don’t understand that if you want so many things, you actually have to change your lifestyles. Be more frugal. For example, you need to sacrifice the chicken thigh or the ice drink during lunch if your salary remain the same and you wanted to buy the iphone/ipad.

No, I am not rich or earning much now, but I am living without debt at least and can still save little bit every month b’cos I don’t buy fancy car or gadgets. And it is just shocking to learn that people just realised that now. 🙂

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