How to install Android Market to Nextbook Premium 7

I just brought this from Groupon from RM499, and but unfortunately it did not come with the android market apps and apparently it can’t be installed also.

So after surfing the net and trying for at least more than hours, I have managed to installed the Android market and downloaded Angry Birds.

Just want share how to troubleshoot in case you are stuck currently as I don’t think many is familiar with DOS command nowadays.

You need to download 2 files first from here:-

a) (GAPPS package, filename is gapps-20110103)

b) (Filename is android-sdk_r15-windows)

It will be in zip file format, so you need to extract out the files from the zip.

The first one, you will get two folders named “META-INF” and “system” after unzip.

For 2nd file, after unzip you will get “android-sdk-windows” folder. Open this folder to find “SDK manager.exe”.

Double-click to run SDK Manager and internet access will be needed. A screen will prompt up listing files to be installed (as shown below). Untick all and choose this >Android SDK platform-tools, Revision 9″.

Note: You will need to choose Extras > Google USB Driver Package (as shown above) as well as this is the driver for your PC, if not, you will not be able to detect the device later under command prompt below.

1 new folder named “SDK Manager.exe” is created, called “platform-tools” in the android-sdk-windows folder. Open “platform-tools” folder and copy all the files in this folder to a new folder in the root of Windows (ie. directly under Drive C eg c:\adb)

Now go back to the unzipped “GAPPS” folder -> “system” -> “app” and copy the following files:


Paste all the above copied files into the adb folder you created earlier.

Go to your Nextbook P7 -> Settings -> Applications -> Development -> check “USB debugging”.

Hook your Nextbook P7 up to your PC by USB, make sure the driver is installed. If not, Click Start, click Run, and then type “devmgmt.msc” (without the quote)

Update driver if you see any error mark there. The driver is located at C:\ASDK\android-sdk-windows\extras\google\usb_driver if you have selected the extra> usb when you install under SDK Manager above. You need to reboot your pc if you just install this driver.

After the driver has been installed and your PC recognizes your Nextbook P7: “Start” ->in WinXP: “Run” -> type “cmd” (without quote). When the command prompt (black screen) pop up

in Win7: type “cmd” (without quote) in the search box. Click on “Command prompt” on the list above. A black box pops up. “Type cd \” and press enter. Then Type “cd c:\adb” (without quote) then press Enter.

Type “adb devices” (without quote) – if  your nextbook P7 detected, it should return with a string of numbers / letters. If not recognized, nothing is listed.

This show if it can’t detect any adb device.

If everything is set, type “adb install GoogleBackupTransport.apk” (without quote) then press Enter. This command installs that specific .apk (apk = Android’s installation programs). You should see a few lines followed by the message “Successful”.

Repeat this process for all the .apk listed above.

After all .apk have been installed, type “adb reboot” (without quote).

Your Nextbook P7 will reboot and you can unhook the USB cable.

Tada, the Android Market is inside your Nextbook Premium 7 now.

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228 Responses to How to install Android Market to Nextbook Premium 7

  1. yy says:

    GREAT! THANK YOU! Enjoy your weekend… BEST!!!

  2. Kevin Low says:

    Hey thanks for your post as i was looking for the solution as well and I got the NextBook P7 delivered yesterday purchased thru Groupon Malaysia…
    You provided very details explanation with photos…
    Immediately once Android Market installed, I look for Angry Bird…

    Kevin @ Penang

  3. Kevin Low says:

    After Android Market been installed, try to search for example “viber” and it display more than 100 results but cant scroll down the others at the below of the screen. Do you see this kind of situation? Have any idea how to solve it?

  4. Gooners says:

    Hmmm, so far it doesn’t display more than 20 items per the screen and every time I scroll down the screen, new things from my search will keep appearing. I think the 500mb RAM cannot support more than 100 results probably or due to the connection as well. I find TMNet Unifi at home and office is slow for the past week.

    • Deysy86 says:

      I’m sorry and i’m not so much into this thing but i had a problem with the second link it shows me some links but instead of “android-sdk_R15-windows” it shows “android-sdk_R16-windows” what i’m i doing wrong?

    • mazamorach says:

      My friend do you have an idea on how to install google play on the nextbook P7?

  5. Jickky Chee says:

    Thanks for sharing it. I will try it out tonite coz’ I just manage to get this tablet by today. 🙂

  6. L-L says:

    Dude, you rock!!! I am totally untechie but that was awesome – 5 minutes, all done, perfect!! Thank you!!

  7. sammi says:

    As well I got the NextBook P7 delivered yesterday purchased thru Groupon Malaysia, i get error msg for update driver …stuck thr to go for the next step …anyone can help pls 😦

  8. daryl says:

    hi, when i was downloading this my tablet just went off. may i know wat to do?

  9. azmi says:

    hi, tried this method last nite. successfully. but when i search for application, not all listed and i cant find the apps that i seek. it is not like android market in my hp. anybody face the same problem?

    btw, how can i connect next7 to android phone? need internet connection when wifi is not available.


  10. Gooners says:

    I just found out that when you surf the android market on Potrait Mode, the android market search will just hang on that page, it can’t be scroll down, but when I change it to Landscape Mode, I can scroll it down for more search results. Anyone having the same problem ?

  11. Gooners says:

    So far when it doesn’t respond to anything, I will just press the RESET button behind. Sometime I done it a few times, this happened especially when running on games or surfing the android market. So far, watching video with it seem to be the only thing that will not crash/hang the system.

  12. Desmond Ooi says:

    Hi , thank you so much . I have another issues in the connection. When I try to sign in to the google acount, it showed ” Can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server ” . How to solve this issues ?

    • Gooners says:

      If not mistaken, you haven’t connect to the WIFI connection yet. I can’t remember clearly the error message, but when I forget to turn ON my WIFI router, I think something similar like that pop up.

    • Stefan says:

      Hi Desmond

      Were you able to overcome this issue as I’m experiencing same problem as well .


    • Reza says:

      Hi Desmond, I encountered the same problem. Tough 3 hours of debugging. Finally:
      1) I did a FACTORY RESET, AND ensured that I did not sign in into any accounts at all.
      2) Created a new gmail account (I have another gmail account connected to my current android phone, i did not want to cause a device conflict)
      3) Followed the steps to this tutorial.
      So once you hit ADB REBOOT on the CMD screen, the device will reboot, connect to your WIFI network again and enter into Market and sign in with your newly created gmail account. Voila. You are on the Market! Best part is I’m on the US Android market. Though i’m in SG, somehow the device allowed me to access the US Android market. Hope this helps. Cheers!

      • Nadia says:

        Jazakallah Reza your solution was all need it to get it working ..
        Thank you for this wonderful article made many people happy in my household

  13. Bar02n says:

    Having a little prob here. Installed Market fine but when I open it I get the error code “The Application Market (process has stopped unexpectedly.

    I’ve rechecked all my steps and I don’t see any issue. Any help?

    • Gooners says:

      Baro2n, I try to help, 2 days ago this error keep pooping up everytime I run any apps, Games, web surfing etc. Really pissed b’cos the reset button or rebooting the machine doesn’t help either. At last, I have to resort to deleting some of the downloaded games, clean up some data off the apps, then only it is running fine again.

    • Jenny Harmon says:

      did you ever get this issue resolved???

  14. azmi says:

    After 1 week using this tablet, i really regret buying it from groupon. Add another few hundred, can get better tablet. ;-(

    • Gooners says:

      Haha, just saw the newspaper that Lenovo is selling their tablet at RM1,299 now, 32GB memory + 2 camera somemore. But after using the Android market for a week, I still prefer the apps from Apple.

  15. Vivian Tsh says:

    Hmm im using WinX,
    jam in WinXP: “Run” -> type “cmd” > type adb devices
    i oledi type adn devices ~
    keeps show out the piz as u post (can’t detect adb devices) 😦

    • Gooners says:

      You need to install the driver for the android, look for the driver in the 1st picture above when you downloading using the SDK Manager. Though your PC can detect the tablet hard disk now, you still need to download that Android driver.

  16. Kyle says:

    My Nextbook 7 blackout when I was reading an e-book and it only has been 3 days. I called groupon and they said they cant do anything about it and asked me to call to the U.S office. When asked whether there’s a way to contact any representives in malaysia, they said they dont know and wont offer a refund. Seriously, now they are asking me to register the warranty online and send it back to the merchant. That would take months of processing. So pissed. I would NEVER EVER buy anything from groupon. Irresponsible and gutless.

    • Gooners says:

      Understand your feeling, mine also always blackout out of sudden, do not respond to any button after that and sometime have to press the reset button or wait for few minutes. RM499 is not a small amount either, but seriously I don’t think it help to send it back to the merchant.

      • Kailup says:

        Hi Kyle, have you try to talk to dinodirect?

        Hi Gooners, when u said blackout, did you mean it hang and after a while the screen went to sleep mode? or just suddenly gone? After all of us bought the item, the harm done means done, we have to salvage from what we have :).

        What I understand is that this next 7p seems like handling RAM very badly. Once bootup, the available RAM is around 150M – 180M. If you open browser, android marker, news, and angry birds perhaps, it is likely hang (or slow down), and went the timeout, the screen turns into blank and never (or take long) to wake up.

        Instead of reseting all time, I use the android booster to kill all apps in one clicks, and I’ve my next7p on for more than a week and it never blackout.

        Thanks for all your sharing

  17. goldi says:

    I have a macbook pro. Got the files on my tablet and laptop, but my terminal does not install on nectbook.
    Any ideas?

  18. Phil says:

    Thanks Gooners. At the end, manage to saw the android market. I also just brought the RM 499 nextbook 7… hihi

  19. atterin says:

    Would like to ask i’m using an 8GB SD card now but why most of my downloaded apps still using my internal memory. Now my Internal storage used 247mb, SD card storage used 0.90GB n free 6.5GB.
    Can i save everything into my SD card?
    Anybody can help me on this issue?

    • Gooners says:

      I try to help but don’t think help much. Yes, you can move installed apps to SD card. Go to Manage Application and choose each installed apps individually, you can see the option of move to SD card when you open each of it. But this doesn’t help for installing apps, i found that my N7 will not installed any new apps from Android market once the internal memory running low, need to delete those games that I don’t use so that new apps can be installed. Hopefully someone can help on this as I am not wasting more time to learn more about this crappy P7.

  20. Michelle says:

    HELP!!!… I cannot locate the files when I do the cmd… Keeps giving me the following error….

    The filename, directory name,or volume label syntax is incorrect.


    • Gooners says:

      Try this > Go to your MY COMPUTER icon on desktop, right click and choose PROPERTIES. Then go to SYSTEM PROPERTIES. Try to see how many C: drive you have there, make sure protection is ON for the C: Drive with window installed in it. Hope it help.

  21. whitsey says:

    awesome! easy to follow, covers all steps, and it works!

  22. dave says:

    I worked for days trying figure out how to load Market onto my Nextbook 7P, with your information I was able to load it in less than 30 minutes and I loaded Market to my wife’s NB7P in minutes.
    A sincere thanks and have a happy holiday season.

  23. Mrtools says:

    Went to load apk files and computer recognizes devise but when attempting to load apk files it says devise not found. It shows in device manager and when I enter “adb devices” it shows a long string of commands but when I go to install apk it can not load? Any ideas?

  24. Mrtools says:

    Tried again and worked perfectly. I was using a hub to plug in the usb to tablet. Eliminated hub, all worked fine. Thanks a mil.

    • Mohannad MoH says:

      HEllo. Please Help, I can’t use my Nextbook Premium 7se ADB.. I Turned off device, press-held both vloume UP and DOWN.. hooked usb cable and a new driver came up. Used Driver Update with device manager and (ONLY) searched for new devices to pick my self, specified exact folder, and a message of unsuccessful update came up. IS there a way you did to make the ADB work?? Thanks.. please reply ASAP..

  25. Aley says:

    OMFG. Thank you so much! You saved me hundreds of dollars.

    Your directions were so simple, and easy to follow, an intermediate 12 year old hacker did it.
    My mom is be so happy 😀

  26. Rob says:

    I was looking like anyone would for a way to install market on this device. Followed the directions, and all went well.
    All seems well except…
    When I click on an app to be downloaded/installed, it pops up with the usual market message saying that it will be downloaded.
    However when I check the downloads section on the market, nothing is there, and nothing gets installed either.

  27. Rob says:

    ok, then I tried again, to just download whatever was at the top of the list.
    Went to downloads, after about 30 seconds, all of a sudden there it was downloading.
    I hit cancel as I didnt want the app, tried again with angry birds, nothing is happening again…

  28. Rob says:

    sorry to keep posting, but what I’m seeing is huge delays in downloading…
    another crap app I didnt want that I tried for testing all of a sudden started downloading, still no angry birds after waiting about ten minutes

    • Gooners says:

      I try to help, for my tablet, because I installed too many Apps from Android, so whenever I try to install something new, it will failed. It will download from the market but it will not install successfully. I need to remove 1-3 existing apps before I can install a new apps on it. Mind you, I have additional 8GB MicroSD card and basically tried to moved everything to the SD Card and the SD Card still have more than 1GB of available space. So, I guess there is limitation with the internal memory on this tablet.

    • Anne says:

      try searching angry birds .apk download. I got the game (and many more) with no hassles. There are lots of sites that offer apk downloads. Also, I use my laptop to search and download, then I hook the N7P to the PC and drop and drag the files to it. Unhook N7P, go to the place you dropped the files to (using Explorer app). I’ve been dropping them all to the SD card even. When you tap the app, it will ask if you want to install… A side note… I came across a few apps that didn’t work (2 weather apps wouldn’t let me install and 1 game app didn’t work after installing). All in all though, for myself, seems to be more apps than I’ll ever use, and I haven’t installed the android market thing…

  29. Val says:

    Do you require and SD card before Apps can be downloaded from Android Market?

    • Gooners says:

      No, I have downloaded Angry Bird apps before I brought additional 8GB MicroSD card.

      • WILFR says:

        Although I have installed the patch described in this forum I have not been able to download any apps from Android Market to my 7P. Using the Gmail address that is successful with my other Android devices (two 2.x phones and a 3.2 Toshiba Thrive) brings up a Market message recognizing the app is installed in the other machines and asks me to pick another machine to download to but the 7P is not in the list. Using a different Gmail address produces a Market message “There are no Android phones associated with this account …”. It appears the Market simply refuses to recognize the 7P patch or no patch. 7P otherwise flawless. What am I doing wrong?

        I followed “How to install Android Market to Nextbook Premium 7” (Posted on November 4, 2011) and believe I was successful because DOS announced “success” after each of the 9 APK files, copied from GAPPS to the ADB folder, were installed. Further evidence of success is that the first 7 of the APKs appear under “Manage applications” on the 7P. I don’t know where the Mediauploader or Vending APK are.

        Thanks guys for all your help.

        Virgin unrooted Nextbook 7P Ser: YF101158212 w/20111206 upgrade serviced w/ XP/SP3 PC.

  30. PacsMan says:

    After going through the install, I pretty much gave up on this as I couldn’t see it on my list of Apps — until I noticed the app called “Market”!! GREAT Work – and thanks for posting this.

  31. PacsMan says:

    Additional note for Rob: I too was experiencing LONG download times. Not everywhere, just on my home WiFi. Nextbook just released a firmware update which solved my connectivity issues and now I get quick downloads on all the WiFi networks I have tested.

    • Gooners says:

      Thank for the update, maybe I should post it on the blog.

      • WILFR1 says:

        I sympathize with those who have problems implementing the patch which is the subject of this thread. I have been fortunate in that it appears I was successful in installing it. However, that success thus far has been for naught since I have been unable to get Android Market to recognize the 7P as a device worth its attention. If you are able to get the market to recognize your 7P I would greatly appreciate any advice you could give (please note my earlier note for the details of my attempts thus far). Thanks much.

  32. Shawna says:

    Will these instructions work for the Next6 also?

  33. Maurice says:

    Thank you, it worked very well on my NextBook Premium 8.

    Merci beaucoup.

    • Steve says:

      Worked perfect on my nextbook 8 and on my wifes nextbook 7. Only thing is I still cant surf the web with any speed , its sooooo slow. My wifes 7 is real fast and my 8 is slow. Hmm anyone know of any firmware update for the 8?

      • Bill Wilwers says:

        I get a message on my Nextbook 7 each time I boot up that says a firmware update is available, so they probably have one for the 8 as well, however they caution that installing the update will wipe out everything you’ve downloaded.

  34. Mark Mack says:

    Thanks installed and works, had slight problem with rk2918 driver but installed manually from he folder located at C:\ASDK\android-sdk-windows\extras\google\usb_driver, Thanks again great tutorial..

  35. henry says:

    I know that I’m to make a save a new folder in the root of the c drive, but where is that. Thanks

  36. henry says:

    For some reason on my command prompt I’m getting a message that reads “Install Failure Shared User Imcompatable” when I try to install the GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter and the GoogleContactsSyncAdapter. Can anyone help, its the only thing that I can’t figure out.

  37. MM says:

    Wow, you are the best. Just bought NB7P. Flashed the latest firmware and installed Android Market. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so very much! Happy Holidays!!!

  38. Shawna says:

    In my command Prompt I’m getting a message that reads “Install Failure Older SDK” ???? What did I do wrong?

    • Brent says:

      I also have Next6 and I got the same error. I did notice that my sdktools is at version 10 but the error said older not newer. Still trying to figure it out.

  39. Alain says:


    This was very useful!

  40. Paula Hughes says:

    You’re just a LEGEND!!! Thanks so much for sharing and making the World a better place overall 🙂

  41. Henry says:

    For some reason on my command prompt I’m getting a message that reads “Install Failure Shared User Imcompatable” when I try to install the GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter and the GoogleContactsSyncAdapter. Can anyone help, its the only thing that I can’t figure out.

    • coreyc says:

      i am having the same issue.. i see the market on my next8p and am able to browse the app/book/games but when i try to install anything is tells me unsuccessful.

      Can someone please help me,

  42. Gareth says:

    Legend – followed instructions to the letter and it worked like a charm

  43. Bree says:

    Thank you! We purchased this tablet for our daughter for Christmas and were thinking it was a dude because it didn’t have market:( Your post saved the day!

  44. Victoria says:

    Okay. I got this today. I finally got the files to download after multiple downloads and I got to where I need to double-click on SDK-manager and it won’t allow to do anything with it? It comes ul with “File type exe not found.” I feel clueless and a little idiotic. Everyone seems to be getting it simply.

  45. Chris says:

    Another option is to copy all the .apk files listed in GAPPS onto the pad through the explorer. Then just install them all with astro. Much easier option for those more comfortable with a gui or having issues with the device not being listed by adb.

    • Roberto says:

      THANK YOU!!!!! I followed every step including installing the Google usb driver but for some reason my PC would not recognize the tablet under the DOS window even though it would detect it under XP. This was a lot easier. My Nextbook now has the Android Market.

  46. Adam Shelby says:

    i heed help. when i get to the cmd part it gets a little confusing because it cant find the files this message comes up ” the directory is invalid”

  47. Carrington says:

    Keeps saying failed to connect to daemon.

    Can you help me with this?

  48. PWN_GSD says:

    I followed your instructions and it worked GREAT. One thing I did have to do was run the SDK Manager as administrator to get it to install. It failed when I just ran it normally.
    Thanks! I have 30 days to return this device. Now that I have the market, I may just go ahead and keep the device.

  49. mmamama says:

    Market is installed and we can get what we want, but it says “Your item will be downloaded”. The app isn’t showing up on the Nextbook. Help!

  50. Dani says:

    THANK YOU!!! It took some time to accomplish, but it worked!!! Now I finally have the market, which makes my tablet 150% better (Angry Birds and all!) especially since the SlideME market is really lame compared to the Android Market on my HTC phone.

    One quick question, every time I turn on my tablet, I get an error message that says “Sorry! The application My Uploads (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again” Any ideas how to get rid of this message every time I start up my Nextbook? It works just fine, but the error message still shows.

    Hope everyone else appreciates this as much as I do! Happy Holidays!

  51. Brent says:

    I’m trying this on the Next6 but. I get the error “Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_OLDER_SDK]”. My platform SDK tools says that is is on version 10. I don’t think that it will let me install an older version. Any suggestions?

  52. Stephanie says:

    sorry to bother you during the holidays but I am trying to install this following all your steps but once I get to “adb devices” it prompts me that “it is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file”
    Please Help!!1 what am I doing wrong??

    • Stephanie says:

      O.K. It’s me again(stephanie) no one has written back to me.
      I live in canada is that why its not working for me???

      • mrtools06 says:

        I would suggest removing everything and starting over again from the beginning. I was having errors when trying mine so I removed everything, started over and all worked fine. Follow directions to the T. I live in Canada also so that is not an issue.

  53. Bill Wilwers says:

    Thanks so much for this – excellent instructions! It took me an hour (it’s late, and I’m old) to get it done, but it worked perfectly! I noticed a few things while doing this: android-sdk_r15-windows is now r16, and >Android SDK platform-tools, Revision 9 is now Revision 10. Also, my folders did not have to be unzipped. Thanks again!

  54. J-p says:

    Hey Guys!
    Got it installed even tho it says me “Install Failure Shared User Imcompatable” when I try to install the GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter and the GoogleContactsSyncAdapter

    But the problem is that everytime i try to download anything from android market, it says download failed or something that mean that. (i got it in french)
    I tried to delete cache from didnt work.
    Help me plz!

    • Brad says:

      Exact same issues for me! Not sure if the Calendar and Contacts Synch error has any impact on the Market app but I can connect to the Market, search for apps, initiate a download, but every attempt is “unsuccessful”.

      On the other hand, I can navigate to the Market website using either the Nextbook browser or my PC and “remotely” install apps from there but NEVER using the Market app. I’m wondering if the Nextbook is failing to send my Market account info…

      I notice that there isn’t an Accounts/Synch entry in my settings menu…where or how do I store my Market info on the Nextbook?

  55. Gord says:

    Awesome! Works perfectly. Thanks for making the effort to share this with everyone!

  56. Jay says:

    Hello, Will this method work for Nextbook9 premium? Thanks, Jay

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  58. Jenny Harmon says:

    I followed all instructions and everything seemed to work fine, but when I click on the market app the message “the application Market(process has stopped unexpectedly”.

    I am at my wits end trying to get android market! Please help!

  59. Brian says:

    I can’t seem to get this to work. When I type “adb devices” it shows a string of numbers and letters but it says the device is offline. If I type it a second time, it does not list the device. Can you shed a bit of light on this for me? I have installed the drivers and nothing is showing as a problem in the device manager.

    • Mrtools says:

      I originally had the same problem. Try installing updated driver, then rteinstall everything again, should work fine.

      • Brian says:

        I’m not sure what you mean by “updated driver”. I installed the driver that came with the android SDK. Where do I get an updated driver from?

      • Mrtools06 says:

        As per the above directions,
        “Note: You will need to choose Extras > Google USB Driver Package (as shown above) as well as this is the driver for your PC, if not, you will not be able to detect the device later under command prompt below.” Install this driver

      • Tee says:

        I seem to be facing the same issue. when i typed adb devices, it shows List of devices attached and thats it. Tried installing, error: device not found. What i’m doing wrong please?

      • Brian says:

        I just looked in the SDK Manager and under extras it says that the Google USB drivers are installed. Are there other drivers I am unaware of?

      • JCline7 says:

        I had the same problem. It was recognizing the Nextbook as a Disk drive instead of an ADB device. I found another thread that was having that issue with a Nexus One. They recommended installing PdaNet After I installed that, the Nextbook showed up as an ADB device and installed the correct drive automatically. I had to share because I had tried all the other steps people were suggesting but this was the only thing I could get to work.

    • Brian says:

      I may be an idiot. I’m not 100% sure I had USB Debugging enabled. Anyways, uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled the drivers along with PDA Net and now it works great. THANK YOU!!

  60. hiebertmb says:

    A little complicated, but worked well on Windows 7.
    Hard to believe Nextbook doesn’t have Android Market as an installed app.
    Thanks again — already downloaded a number of apps!
    Best wishes for 2012.

  61. Carolyn says:

    Do you know if it is possible to download itunes onto a nextbook too?

  62. Carlos says:

    Are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!
    Dude you are a LEGEND! Can it be that easy? WHY YES! Yes it is!

    Thanks a million. Been looking for a week straight on now to get the Market on my Nextbook P8.

  63. Jason says:

    Awesomesauce. Worked great! Only issue I ran into was I had a previous install (that failed to work) so the “adb install vending.apl” step failed first go through. Just had to remove it, then re-install it. Then worked great! Thanks

    • Paul says:

      I’m with Jason here, Awesomesauce. I’d also tried to install some apps using less elegant instructions and failed first time through. A factory reset cleared out all of the dross, and it worked fine second time around.

  64. egal says:

    Hi, I’ve a premium8,tried to install android market using your instructions but couldn’t download File android-sdk_r15-windows ,download was unsuccessful.

    Can anyone help?

  65. Eleen says:

    Thanks. I have Marketplace on my Nextbook 8 with following your instructions. But I am having problem opening it.

    When i try to open Marketplace, I got error msg ‘You must add an account to the device to continue. Do you want to add one now?’. I then tried installing Apps from Marketplace via Browser but got error msg ‘There are no Android phones associated with this account. Please sign in with a different account.’

    Please help!!

  66. Roberto says:

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to get a calendar installed that will sync with Google? I know that the instructions above have a Calendar apk but i did not see the app in the app drawer.

  67. Sasha says:

    When I type in “adb devices” the string of letters and numbers appear but it also says “device offline” can anyone tell me how to fix that?

    • JCline7 says:

      I posted the fix for that once before but here it is again, hope it works for you.

      JCline7 says:
      January 26, 2012 at 11:59 pm
      I had the same problem. It was recognizing the Nextbook as a Disk drive instead of an ADB device. I found another thread that was having that issue with a Nexus One. They recommended installing PdaNet After I installed that, the Nextbook showed up as an ADB device and installed the correct drive automatically. I had to share because I had tried all the other steps people were suggesting but this was the only thing I could get to work.

  68. Richard says:

    Thanks, I run Arch Linux. So what I did was I downloaded the GAPPS Package to get the files I needed to install on my NEXTP7. Then I just connected my tablet to my computer, it automatically recognizes the tablet as NEXTP7 and my 8gb SDHC card as two removable drives. I created a folder “NEXTP7” on my tablet and copied the needed files over to that folder on my tablet, then I disconnected my tablet from my PC. I opened Astro File Manager selected “sdcard” then selected the folder I had created “NEXTP7”. I selected each file and when asked I selected “Install”. When all files had been installed I shutdown my tablet and then restarted, once it restarted their it was the Android Market Icon. I clicked on it signed in agreed to the user agreement, I clicked on the “NBC NIghtly News” App it installed and works perfectly. So far I’m not having any problems or issues at all.

    Just wanted to post this, maybe it will help someone else. Thanks Again

    • Brad says:

      This is great to hear Richard. Just curious about the part where you say you “signed in agreed to the user agreement”…was that two separate steps or one single step where you accepted the user agreement? I only ask because I was never asked to “log in” to the Market when I first ran the Market App and I have a feeling my failed installs might be the result of my NextP8 not sharing the account info…

  69. Tee says:

    Thanks a lot, works like a charm.
    Though the device RAM control is unbelievably bad, Android Market helps to get few important applications at least for the tab to be used efficiently.

  70. mirka says:

    Thaks for helping me with that…but if anyone know the answer,i ve got some problem…
    I cant download anything from and.mark. always write download unsuccessful…really don t know why…THANKS GUYS 🙂

  71. Ded_dee says:


    So far so good, but I am stuck now at the same place many others on this are; I get the “Install Failure Shared User Imcompatable” when I try to install the GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter and the GoogleContactsSyncAdapter. Has anyone found a resolution?


  72. C says:

    Thank you very much. It worked!

  73. Vossie says:

    Thank you sir! Works like charm!

  74. Vossie says:

    Update: Can’t scroll in Market. Not a major issue, but still an issue…..

  75. apa7hy says:

    Hey I think I completed everything in the instructions but when I click on the Market under Apps, it goes white then closes almost instantly. Any ideas ?

    • Naveah says:

      i am having the same exact issue. all of the other .apk files that i transferred work, I even transferred the facebook, maps, and gmail .apk and they work fine. the market does as you said, opens with a white screen and closes.

  76. Chris says:

    I have done everything step by step. The command prompt wont allow any of the adb prompts. Gives me a syntax error message. When I command adb>adb devices, tells me access is denied. I have the Nextbook Premium 7 2.3.1 operating system and have not had any success in getting the tablet to even talk to my Windows 7 laptop with both zip files downloaded and open. This is a brand new unit and has not had anything downloaded to the unit yet. What steps am I missing or doing incorrectly?

  77. atterin says:

    Just want to ask Next 7 user, i install the android market but i can’t find whatsapp, angry bird, ninja jump and many other android market apps now. Previously there is all those apps but now i can’t find it. Do u guys have this problem also??

    • atterin says:

      Or i need to format it n re-install the whole thing? anybody can help me on this? tq

      • atterin says:

        I just format n re install the android market but no apps is inside…… u think this is andriod market problem or is nextbook7 problem? can any 1 tell me do u have the same problem that is no apps in android market. tq

    • LazarX says:

      It seems the key thing here. is you must have NextBook in Landscape mode for the search to work properly. After I downloaded my first app. Google Play was recognising the Nextbook as “Phone”. And I was able to download my predone apps by commanding it to download from my PC’s web broswer. So far I have Netflix operating successfuly.

  78. Pingback: Android Market to Nextbook Premium 7 « Rick's Tech Stuff

  79. Andy says:

    This is a great post but can be summarized without any of the need to install anything on your PC as per Richards comments. All I had to do was open the GAPPS and move the files to the book with SD card or USB and then register each one. WORKED PERFECT!

    Thanks for your hard work on this Gunner!

  80. Sally Hill says:

    For those that can’t quite get it to work – I’ve figured out a work around if you have AMarket on your smart phone. I signed up for a Cloud service (SugarSync – because it’s free), then I use it to transfer the .apk files back and forth. I used the tools in Astro to make backups of the .apk files and sent them to the Cloud. I grabbed them from the Cloud and downloaded them to the Nextbook7 and installed them.

    I don’t have AMarket on my Nextbook, but anything I want from AMarket, I download to my phone, then to the Cloud, from the Cloud down to my Nextbook. Works like a charm and I don’t have to take up space with the AMarket app.

  81. Brandon says:

    Having the same problem, atterin. I open the market and there are only about 6 apps that i can see, and search yeilds nothing. help?

  82. Mantis says:

    Downloading Netflix app as I’m typing this… downloading quickly over comcast home wifi… installing in a matter of seconds…installed. Running app…signed in … granddaughter watching Tangled. Worked Flawlessly!!!!

  83. kbinthelbg1973 says:

    Where are you guys finding these apps(Angry Birds, Nextflix). Just like the guys above, Im not pulling up the BIG apps. Im looking for WATCHESPN and I cant find it.

  84. Joshua says:

    This worked for me except that when i pick a game… it gives me the option to install but never asks me to download it.
    also worth mentioning is that the GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk and the GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk both came back with the same error:


    not sure why. please help.

    I created the new gmail account which stopped it from forceclosing, now it just won’t download anything. perhaps i should try a reboot one more time. followed by maybe a reset. I am lost.

  85. Val says:

    OMG. Thank you so much! ))))

  86. A Concerned American. says:

    You are awful at writing guides. You skipped at least 5 steps.

    Could someone fluent in brains and English please re-write this guide or link me to someone competent enough to write a guide?

  87. hi im am stuck on the cmd prompt. maybe im reading it wrong or my nextbook is not being read but i need help getting past these last step. heeeelp. i downloaded it before but this time im using a diffrent laptop.

    please contact me.

  88. lenard says:

    Need help loading google drivers

  89. Jamie says:

    I no nothing about this nextbook, ive never used a tablet before, i do have a driod 2, so im use to the system but this all just confused me, you did describe it well, but its kind of like a new language to me, if you have any advice to help me a little more id appreciate it, also, when i try logging on to facebook, it lets me do almost anything but leave a comment, even through the browser, is that normal?!
    Thank you so much!

  90. Amanda says:

    I downloaded everything fine. Up and running Market on Nextbook7 only problem is there is only like 3 apps listed under games or any other category. I search within market for apps and get returned error of no matches in Android Market for search.

    Any advice??

  91. Janes2000 says:

    I am having nothing but trouble from my Next7. I wish I had just returned it the day I bought it. I can’t find the drivers in the ASDK folder because it doesn’t exist! Its a very frustrating process. Anyone care to lend a hand?

    • Kelly Logue says:

      Look in the original android-sdk-windows folder that was extracted from the zip file. It will be under extras/google/usb_driver. In the device manager update the driver and send it to that location….should install fine. Wasn’t I supposed to get the calendar and contacts as well? The show as installed under the app manager but I don’t have the icons…..

  92. Justin Young says:

    Hey, it might be good to change “Type cd \” to Type “cd \”

  93. Lisa says:

    Still having nothing but trouble with this tablet! I HATE IT! The preceding instructions DO NOT WORK! The Next 7 has no drivers on my computer after following these instructions even though my computer recognized it BEFORE I began this process. ASDK folder does not exist on my computer??? WTH? Who wrote these instructions???

    • Kelly Logue says:

      I had absolutely no problems putting the market on my nextbook. The only problem was that I had to manually install the google usb driver and it wasn’t were he said it was when I did it manually. It was in the original android-sdk-windows folder that was extracted from the zip file. It will be under extras/google/usb_driver. In the device manager update the driver and send it to that location to install. I think I had to reboot the computer too. But other than that my android market installed fine…

  94. Lisa says:

    I think I will have to give up on this site. I see many, many questions but very few replies with answers that make sense.

  95. ant says:

    stuck at command prompt please help

  96. ant says:

    didmt work for me command prompt wouldnt let me do it

  97. Walt says:

    Well I got it loaded but it keeps coming up and asks me for an email account, then when I say yes to creating one it goes back to the pervious page, did set up a gmail account with in the mail app still no go, help please

  98. Chelsea says:

    I can not get my laptop to detect any adb device. I dont know if Im doing something wrong. could someone please help.

  99. chelsea says:

    My laptop is not detecting and adb device what should i do. Please help

    • Kelly Logue says:

      You need to make sure the Google USB driver installed if not, follow his directions but the usb driver will be found in the original android-sdk-windows folder that was extracted from the zip file. It will be under extras/google/usb_driver. Update the driver through the device manager and you may have to reboot the computer….

  100. Mo says:

    Just tried your instructions, and all goes well, until I get to point of typing in ‘adb devices’.
    Response is ‘ ”adb” is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file’. The driver is installed, and the Next8P USB device shows up under disk drives.

  101. Sarah says:

    I seem to be having a problem. When I go to the command prompt and type adb devices, it recognizes my nextbook and shows what you have in the picture. But then I do the next step to install the apk files and I get an error message that device is not found? Then when I type adb devices again, it no longer recognizes my device.
    I can’t seem to get around it.
    Please help!

  102. Newhacker says:

    I have installed the sdk manager twice now and when i run it it fails to fetch everything. I have tried different internet connections and same thing. what is the reson for thins? any help would be appreciated. thanx

  103. dan.B says:

    Wow works perfect!!! you give good directions now my nextbook is fun to use..:-)

  104. Dasmesh says:

    Thanks a mill
    I was planning of selling my nextbook as there was no android market only some stupid slideshare.. Thanks a ton … easy to follow and actually works on my nextbook 8 🙂

    • coreyc says:

      I hope someone out here can help me.. I was able to install market on my new next8p as well browse though the apps to download.
      How ever the issue that I am now having is that every time I try to install an app/game/book
      it states: “download was unsuccessful, please try again”.
      I have looked around the net and all i can find on the is clearing the cashe and data of the market, which doesn’t work for me.
      Can someone please help me with this!!??

      PLS someone help!!

  105. coreyc says:

    I hope someone out here can help me.. I was able to install market on my new next8p as well browse though the apps to download.
    How ever the issue that I am now having is that every time I try to install an app/game/book
    it states: “download was unsuccessful, please try again”.
    I have looked around the net and all i can find on the is clearing the cashe and data of the market, which doesn’t work for me.
    Can someone please help me with this!!??

  106. Marie says:

    I did the installation as described and it worked great. That is until my son decided to download Google Player onto his tablet. So now Android Market is gone and when I try to do it all over again the cmd says that it is already installed ‘failure’. I have tried the adb reboot. That doesn’t work. Do you know what I need to do. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  107. obarryon says:

    Thanks so much!! Worked like a charm. Now I can dump that horrible SlideMe excuse for a market. I had been able to get Amazon Appstore on the tab without a problem, but had been having no success in finding a way to put the *real* Market on it.
    I am very happy that you posted this. Thanks again.

  108. Troy says:

    I recently brought a Nextbook Premium 8 SE and would like the google app market. Will these instruction work for my tablet?

  109. John says:

    awesome, worked with a few additional steps. I had to download java development kit, and the program is now r_17, not R_15 and i used the recommended installer_r17-windows.exe instead, cuz the other was kept coming up with a loading error. Already downloaded angry birds and played it with my three year old son.

  110. Rodk says:

    I have a Nextbook Premium 7 SE with ICS and I cannot get this to work for me.

    • Wendy Heller says:

      I have tried getting this to work on my new Nextbook Premium 7s with ICE 3x. I get as far as the adb device recognition and then I can’t get it to push the various *.apk files over even though my PC with HP Pro SP2 now recognizes the Nextbook. I tried putting it all on a Micro SD card and then transferring from that to internal memory on the Nextbook and Google Play Store file *.apk, can be downloaded from another site, icon appears amongst the Nextbook’s apps, but when you click on it, the store starts to open but flashes off immediately. Please, anybody have a simpler solution to unlock this tablet?
      It’s for my great nephew who turned 11 yrs. May 22 & is a geek like me. He fell in love with my Xoom tablet and the Nook Color (rooted to Android ICS via a Micro SD Card I bought for it on eBay) I got his grandmother for her April birthday (my sister). How can I send this to him with just Getjar – a lousy app store with almost nothing for free. He will want Netflix & several games. Getjar doesn’t have these, nor can he just go to Google and download them. I have a day more to fiddle with this, then I have to mail it from S. Florida to him in S. Ca.
      Why do the manufacturers lock it? Seems to me if your making an Android tablet (low or high end hardware) and you go to the trouble of loading it with Android’s latest version 4.03, you’d allow the buyer to download the Android Market recently renamed Google Play store. I just don’t get it. ANY HELP WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

  111. Michael says:

    Hi there.
    Will this fix work on Nextbook Premium 7se as well?

  112. rex says:

    Android Market was working for me but since they switched over to Google Play i can’t get on. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a fix for this?

  113. Wendy Heller says:

    This is really a question: Today I bought the newer Nextbook Premium 7. It comes with Ice Cream Sandwich already loaded. Of course it has that poor excuse for an app store – GetJar – and no Android Market (aka Google Play Store). I bought this as a present for my nephew and want to root it, if necessary, before shipping it to him in Ca. The instructions are a bit difficult to follow, but I will say nothing negative about the person who created this blog & rooting instructions – he/she may be an American and truthfully I’m 2nd generation. If my grandparents (from Russia) who spoke & understood English quite well by the time they came here & became citizens, their instructions might be a bit less clear, too. So, having expressed my feelings about those above who slam the helper… I have a question for anyone & everyone: I have an 8Gb MicroSD card I bought to add more storage to this tablet. Is it possible to put the necessary drivers and files on such a card and then place it in the slot, boot the tablet up and have it work? I bought a Nook Color for my sister a few months ago and found such a card for sale on eBay. It was great because all that you had to do was slide the Micro SD into the slot and reboot. There you were with unlocked Android OS and market. If anyone, including this blog’s creator has info on this – please e-mail me directly: I’m being cautious because it’s under warranty and if I mess with it & somehow need the warranty, I’m not sure I’d be able to do a complete factory reset so they wouldn’t know I rooted it which voids all warranty service. Also, anything my nephew might have downloaded before a problem came up that required sending it in for repair, would be lost. It’s his 11th birthday present and I’d hate to do that to him. So, I’ll look for your replies, folks. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  114. Brandon says:

    I did all the steps loaded the market place and it only has 3 things in it sudoku solitair and somthing else : / was so happy to have it up but now i have no point in using it cus it has nothing does anyone know why

  115. Pingback: مشكله الماركت في جهاز next book p 7

  116. BeauteeYvette says:


    Would like to know if this will work with the Nextbook 7s tablet with Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich?

    Thank You.

  117. Last week we gave to my son a Nextbook Premium 7 and he downloaded Google Play application and once installed, we attempt to “execute” it and it wont start. We deinstalled it and reinstalled and still same conditon. We also downgraded the Android version by thinking the latest version was uncompatible with Google Play, and still same issue. I brought this issue to Nextbook USA and they confirmed me Google Play is incompatible with their device.. see below mail confirmation:
    —–Message d’origine—–
    De : Service Nextbookusa []
    Envoyé : jeudi, juillet 05, 2012 12:26
    À :
    Objet : RE: Nextbook Premium 7: Cant execute Google Play?

    Thank you for your email . The Android Market / Google Play are not compatible with the tablet. The tablets are designed to work with third party Android apps sites. The units come with a preloaded app store plus you can go to other third party Android app sites such as , , , Androidpit app center and others.

    Please Note, not all application will be compatible with the Android operating system or the units hardware. Because of the vast amount of apps available online we do not keep a list of apps that are or are not compatible with the tablet.

    Thank You ,

    Customer Service
    Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time)

  118. Tim says:

    Fantastic! This was so helpful. I am sure this process was technically advanced, but with your help it went so smoothly! THANKS!!!

  119. Michael says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the clear iinstructions!

  120. Jon says:

    I’ve installed the Google USB driver package and followed the directions, but Windows doesn’t seem to recognize a driver in the USB driver folder. It keeps requesting the driver for Nextbook7P12. Any suggestions?

  121. kayla says:

    Everytime i try to download the sdk….btw its r20 it says file cant open??? What should i do???

  122. Dan says:

    I can not get my computer to find the Nextbook through the cmd prompt. It says the driver is up to date, but could you give more specifics on making sure the driver is correct? Or any other ideas??

  123. Wendeeg says:

    How do you download the drivers to the nextbook? Every time I connect my nextbook to the computer it thinks it is a usb and I can not get it to detect as an adb device. Even tried the Pdanet but it does not add it to the nextbook only the laptop.

  124. Mohamed Valith says:

    Can anyone tell me where i get nextbook premium 7 driver. when i connect to my pc it ask me a driver

  125. Justin says:

    Hey I just bought a nextbok premium 10SE an it doesn’t have gapps so I was gonna use this tutorial to install gapps onto it but it runs ICS so wouldn’t I have to find the ICS gapps or will the market an everything automatically update for ICS.?

  126. riel says:

    How about nextbook 7se version… please post how to root. Thanks

  127. Prima says:

    can you do it on nextbook8 premium as well??

  128. Chris says:

    How can I do this for a Nextbook Premium 8?

  129. Rick says:

    I have been searching on and off since I bought my Nextbook anout a year ago on how to install the Market on it and have tried a couple of other times that did not work and this worked like a charm, but when I tried to root it the root failed and crashed the entire operating system and I had to reinstall factory settings then reinstall teh Market again, and agin it installed like a charm without any problems… Great advice… Thanks

  130. robert says:

    have nextbook 7 followed your instructions several times and it still cant find the device when i get to the command prompt parts when i plug up nextbook computer recognizes it as a nextbook 7 but the command prompt shows no device

  131. Riley Doyle says:

    I do not get it! For the second Folder you said its unzipped for the second download but its an installer for the sdk android manager!! Someone please Help me!! 😦

  132. Can anyone help me, please? I have followed everything as i should have. When i try to Adb install (GoogleBackupTransport.apk) i am getting this error in the cmd prompt: “Install Failure Shared User Imcompatable” I am not sure what is causing this, and i have done all that i can to troubleshoot it. I see others are having problems similar. Anyone know if there is a fix to this? Any feedback would be Greatly appreciated! thank you so much

  133. Zeljko says:

    when i type adb devices it does not recognize my device i have instal driver in device manager everything is ok,i install and still it wont work

  134. Charles says:

    If anyone has trouble with adb try copying the *.apk files to the internal storage and install them using a file manager.

  135. Brad N. says:

    So I am trying to do thios on my premium 8 off of windows 7. I followed all of the steps but when i type in “cdc:\adb” it says “The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. I’ve tried going back and re-doing steps but nothing works.

    Please help! for my own sanity.

  136. Kyle says:

    An alternative to this is to copy these files on to a flash SD card


    and then install them through the explorer on your tablet.
    Then you must fully shutdown by holding the power button and restart your tablet to avoid the connection problem. This way you don’t have to download the 300mb android sdk just the GAPPS package and it’s probably a little easier for the technologically disadvantaged.

    Thanks though I was looking for the google apps files for ages.

  137. Fluebox says:

    For the newer Nextbook 7 SE which runs Android 4.0.x, the above instructions no longer work. However in many ways it is easier on the newer model. You need to get one of the Gapps packages linked to at – make sure you get one for the correct version of Android. Transfer the .apk files to the device (probably only need Phonesky.apk), just by normal USB (ie, connecting the device as a hard-drive since the SE version does not support adb), ideally putting them into their own directory. Then run the ApkInstaller and install Phonesky.apk. You will need to reboot the device, and there may be another of the gapp .apk files you need to install, but I don’t think so.

  138. cheapdevice says:

    Same thing here..Device maanager sees it,no ugly errors but the cmd prompt will not.

  139. Magnificent website. Lots of useful info here. I am sending it to some pals and also spreading in Facebook.
    And obviously, thank you in your sweat!

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    more. Thanks

  141. Leo says:

    I tried to follow your instrucions, but got stuck with the first step already. The GAPPS 20110103 file isn’t available anymore. Any idea what I can do instead?

  142. Rashad says:

    Fabulous, what a website it is! This website provides useful
    data to us, keep it up.

  143. Samira says:

    I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own weblog and was curious what all is required to get set up? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost
    a pretty penny? I’m not very internet savvy so I’m not 100% sure.

    Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

  144. mrll2 says:

    Please send new link for gapps-20110103 file

  145. Good day! Would you mind if I share your blog with my zynga group?
    There’s a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content. Please let me know. Thanks

  146. Rick says:

    Just picked up a NEXT 10P12 cheap from a PO’d previous owner who didn’t take the time to read-up on these ICS machines B4 buying. Managed to download some Tinyco apps thru the Amazon site, any other suggestions for this ICS device? I’m not a root, system or cheats sorta guy, but I can follow instructions. Thanks in advance.

  147. Pretty great post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog
    and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your weblog posts.
    After all I will be subscribing on your feed and I’m hoping you write again soon!

  148. Terrence says:

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    I dont provide a shit just how much one particular can attempt but there’s no way anyone who’s cleanse
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    for skinny ecto-fags.

  149. Nalini says:

    Everything worked except for :


    It says Install failed Shared user incompatible


  150. Hi colleagues, how is the whole thing, and what you wish for to say about this post,
    in my view its genuinely awesome for me.

  151. David says:

    Hi, I tried to install the first adb install GoogleBackupTransport.apk and my cmd tells me this: daemon not running. *starting it now on port 5037*
    *daemon started successfully*
    error: device not found
    -waiting for device-
    Please help. I’m using a Nextbook Premium 7se.

  152. Hook your Nextbook P7 up to your PC by USB, make sure the driver is …

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