Shopping for Nextbook Premium 7 Cover

Went to Lowyat Plaza this morning to look for a cover for my new Nextbook but unfortunately most of shops on 1st Floor told me that none of it can support those China made tablets even it is meant for 7″ Inch Tablet.

So when you can’t get it from the shop, you have to try your luck and look at those small counter around there. The guy at one of the counter even allow me to try all the cover one by one ๐Ÿ™‚ And in the end, I managed to find 2 types of cover that fit seamlessly into my Nextbook. In case you need one, try look for the counter around the 1st Floor Escalator at Plaza Low Yat.

Btw, it cost RM60, probably pricey for a tablet that cost RM499. Anyone can share where to get cheaper cover?

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9 Responses to Shopping for Nextbook Premium 7 Cover

  1. wah. i never thought finding a cover for it can be tricky. I stay at JB. Dont know when I gonna have a time to visit lowyatt next time. Btw, do u managed to survey some android keyboard, like this 1 for example:

  2. Gooners says:

    Hi, thank for sharing another accessories. Actually I have doubt this Nextbook P7 can really work well with all this extras, so I didn’t go and search for it. After few days of using it, I feel this P7 is not really that reliable and the system always crash/hang. But having said that, it is still within my expectation for a RM500 tablet. Might consider Ipad2 when Ipad3 is out, cos then Ipad2 will be cheaper? Hehe!

  3. N7-new-user says:

    Hi, I found a BB Playbook cover super fit the Nextbook premium7 just that the opening doesn’t fit the 4 buttons on the N7. Anyway, it cost me also RM60 brought from Lowyat Plaza 1st Floor and you make a right turn … 2 or 3 stall.

  4. Gooners says:

    Haha, I guess it is the same counter i went last week. Yes, that the first coverthat I found fit in, but as you said, it will blocked all the buttons. It really look nicer also, but after discussing with the seller, the inside materials is made of same material apparently. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. N7-new-user says:

    Hi Gooners, do you found the Android Market look different compare to normal Android phone. I can’t find some aplication and games which I’d installed in my mobile. Do u think we shall upgrade the Android from 2.3.1 to 2.3.3 ? Please share your thought with us. Thanks.

  6. kll says:

    Hi,do you apply screen protector? what brand of screen protector suitable for this nextbook?

  7. bob says:

    How can i order this cover on line really like it

  8. I have original Nextbook Premium 7 PU leather covers for sale. Also, Nextbook Premium 7SE and 8SE Dual core Tablets for sale

  9. How to install Android Market to Nextbook Premium 7 ยท Free E-books …

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