Soong Kee Noodles

No, it is not turning into another lousy food blog.

Just duno what to do and feel like keeping this blog alive.

So many years never been to this place, since I am around, why not drop by for a quick lunch.

Can see the beef balls still in the hot soup.

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Japanese BBQ, Taman Desa

It has been long time I go to try those new restaurants recommended by those food blogger, as there are more food blogger nowadays and some blogger really have shitty tastes or probably lying on the food because of reason known to them.

Tried Shuraku at Solaris Mont Kiara last month and god damn it, I can just tell you that if you want to try it, don’t said I never warn you.

This is in Taman Desa, located in the middle of the shoplot and located behind it.

Preparing the charcoal outside, it took 5 minutes to serve you that.

Tada, the genghiskhan (RM20).

Pork Belly (RM10)

Japanese Rissoto (RM6)

Beef Ribeye (RM10)

Total Damages RM73.

Rating: Probably 3 star or less when you do not feel like eating dry stuff? The Chinese Guy cashier is rude, questioning me whether I ordered Ramen in bad manner. It is his job to ensure they took up all the ordered stuffs in the bill and not the other way round. Do I look like I am cheating you this cheap RM20++ meal? Fuck off man!

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Legend is born

Hehe, my first console ?

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Nice idea

Just saw some nice kitchen pictures from that can help build more reno idea.

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Getting my blog back at last

When I did the post on the installation of G Market on the Nextbook Premium, never thought that there will be 1,000 viewer per day, and getting tired with all the questions. Now hopefully it is back to normal, I am tired of reading comments.

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Happy Chinese New Year

It is the time of the year again, enter the Dragon and goodbye to the Bunnies.

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone.

And the auspicious day to start work after all the celebration ended.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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